Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Highlight Awards 2012 Tag Teams & Ladies

Ok guys, let me first say I'm happy to join the Wrestling News Center family.  I will post a "Keeping It Reel" column periodically just with opinions and etc.  But first I will continue my awards for this past year. 

Female Wrestler Of The Year:  All the ladies of Magnificent Ladies Of Wrestling.
First off it is a cop out to give this award to several ladies, but it is just the truth.  While most promotions just put two random girls that more often than not can't work, MLoW steadily uses some of the best girls from all over the world. Now some groups do use girls that know how to work, but most of the time it is girls that work for MLoW.  I have seen first hand girls wrestling 10-15 matches in one day like it was nothing.  And they actually wrestle!!!!  Go figure.  Girls like Melanie Cruise, Barbie Hayden, Nikki Lane, Lil Bit, and Million Dollar Baby have become mainstays for this unique promotion.

Tag Team Of The Year: The Asylum
Most people can't argue my pick. The Asylum aren't the best wrestling team, but they are the best actual "team". Most call Pappy and Psycho hardcore wrestlers. I disagree. I have seen them "work" and they are actually good. Most of the time they are involved in hardcore matches cause they are great at it and it fits their gimmick. Genetic Perfection are better wrestlers.  NRG are better all around.  But no team is booked more as a team and really work the tag team gimmick better than the Asylum. They have brought credibility back to tag team wrestling.  If you name one true team in the Mid South, it would be Psycho and Pappy.

Best Technical Tag Team: Genetic Perfection
Alan Steel and Michael Barry are probably the best technicians in the ring.  They can tell a story and have continued to make many teams look like a million dollars.  

Best All Around Team:  NRG
Anton Leveigh and Ricky Andrews have been "stealing the show" all over the Mid South.  This may be the team to upend the Asylum as the best.  Both can really go.  Whether it is hardcore, high flying, or regular tags, NRG can do it all.

So that is it for this time. I thank you all for the kind words regarding the awards so far.  Keep them coming.  Next up are the big ones for wrestlers and matches.  Let me know any subjects you would like me to talk about on the first Keeping It Reel column.

Until next time... Keep It Reel.

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