Monday, January 14, 2013

Austin Lane's Highlights of 2012

Let me first start off by saying that these awards and comments
are of my opinion only. And I can only award as far as I have seen.
If you are left off or not mentioned, don't cry like a baby.
I probably just didn't see your work or matches this past year. 
Promotion Of The Year:
Crossfire Entertainment
It's hard to argue the attendance numbers and shows 
that Crossfire has drawn and put on last year. 
With numerous "stars" brought it each show plus the presentation, 
Crossfire stands out. 
Honorable Mention:
Wildfire Wrestling
Wildfire has all the glitz and glamour, and 
the wrestling is second to none. If they ran
 more often, they would probably have taken the top spot. 
 Magic Of Wrestling 
 Magic Of Wrestling is special. Each show draws
and they advertise as well as anyone. 
The wrestling part of MOW is probably the best around. 
Plus guys like Bobby Eaton and Bill Dundee running the locker 
room, guys want to wrestle there. Owner Betty Butler is the 
stand out promoter. She is top notch and makes you feel 
appreciated. If MOW runs multiple shows, they without a doubt 
win this award.
Booker Of The Year:
Sarge O'Riley
Sarge leaps off the page for this award. He is creative and 
listens to the boys. Sarge is a booker that makes new stars 
and makes guys better. He is never complacent in drawing 200 
people. Sarge wants that extra 100.  Sarge is a "worker's" booker. 
The entire locker room believes in him and what he is trying 
to accomplish.
Honorable Mention:
Bill Dundee
What is there to say?  A true legend that deserves that title. 
That is the first two awards with 2-3 to release every 2-3 days. 
Next up is the Light-heavyweights and high flyers. Plus future stars. 
Also maybe some managers and talkers. Thanks a lot for reading. 
Until next time... KEEP IT REEL!

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