Thursday, January 17, 2013

All-Star Wrestling Network results from 1-11 in Ft. Valley, GA

In the opening contest, fan favorite, the Curry Kid connects with a huge superkick to get the win against Prince Teta, who seemed a little lost without his partner, Bric Bradley, who was conspicuously absent from the show.

The Adamz Boyz score a win against the debuting team known Heartbreak Inc. For a no frills, hit you in the mouth style team, the Adamz Boyz like to go to the top rope a little too much for my taste. This may cost them against a more experienced team like the current AWN Tag Team Champions, No Remorse, should the two teams ever meet.

In the " Where do they find some of these guys" match of the evening, the AWN faithful were introduced to the mysterious, Arioch. In John Milton's classic, Paradise Lost, Arioch was a fallen angel , a lord of chaos, if you will. In the AWN he is a masked wrestler dressed like he was going straight to his job waiting tables at Red Lobster after his match with Dangerous Danny Horne. The crowd jeered Horne with the usual crybaby chants but rather than throwing a temper tantrum, Horne responded by simply destroying his much bigger opponent for the victory.

Logan Creed made good in his boasts from the week before and defeated Mike Kross to become the new AWN Heritage Champion. No more easy squash matches for Creed as the gold will be seen as a bullseye for all those trying to reach the next level in the AWN. Expect a rematch!

Tough guy Kayden Knight struggled with the much faster Johnny Nixx. Knight looked confused for most of this contest but he capitalizes on a few miscues by Nixx to get the win.

Mike Money comes out to speak on the Jimmy Rave situation. He says he agreed to pay Jimmy Rave the $1000 that he demanded as payment to defend the AWN Heavyweight title at Vendetta but now Rave has raised the fee another $500. Money says he cannot in good conscious pay that amount and apologizes to the fans before saying the match is off. As he leaves the ring, Drew Adler enters for his match and asks Money to hear him out. He says that he has to have his rematch at Vendetta. He has to get Rave in the steel cage and to help make his case, produces an envelope that contains $300 of his own money. He promises another $200 at the next show if Money will make the match. Mike Money hesitates but when Adler guarantees he will reclaim the gold, Money has no choice but to believe in his star.

Adler begins to cut a promo to Rave when Kennedy Riley interrupts. He says he is sick of hearing about Drew Adler and Jimmy Rave. He gets in the ring and says that before the AWN was Jimmy Rave Approved it was K RI Certified. He then strikes Adler in the face. BIG MISTAKE!! Adler delivers a Certified a#$ whipping to the hapless Riley. After two huge boots to the face, Adler hits the Drew Drop and a huge Senton bomb for the easy victory.

The main event saw the BFF, Marvelous Michael Stevens & Adorable Anthony Andrews, taking on the team of Encore Zac Edwards and Chris Jacobs, American Mayhem. Since becoming Jimmy Rave Approved, the BFF, have been riding high but it was American Mayhem that started this match off on fire. The duo utilized quick tags and isolated their opponents on their side of the ring in the early going. This strategy seemed to be on the way to paying off as the BFF struggled to maintain any kind of offense. Finally they seemed to have enough and employed their trusty protein bottle to lay outJacobs and give the DQ victory to American Mayhem. After the bell, the BFF assault both opponents and leave the ringside area after a victory lap.
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