Thursday, November 29, 2012

Press Release from Pro Wrestling Ego - Great Southern Eight Tournament Results


Great Southern Eight Tournament Results

Raleigh, MS, (November 24, 2012) – The first ever Great Southern Eight Tournament was held in the small Mississippi town of Raleigh with representatives from across the whole southern United States. Representatives from Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida vied for the trophy presented by Pro Wrestling Ego.

The first round of eliminations were:

·         Kyle Matthews (GA) defeated Corey Hollis (AL) with a slurpee kick/small package combination.

·         Chrisjen Hayme (TN) defeated Lukas Frost (MS) with a tornado flatliner

·         Blain Rage (FL) won against Purple Haze (LA) with a vertabreaker

·         Vordell Walker (GA) made Bolt Brady (TX) submit with a stretch muffler.

The semifinals continued with

·         Kyle Matthews winning over Chrisjen Hayme with a roll up. Chrisjen then attacked 
       Kyle injuring his leg so he goes into the finals with an injury.

·         Vordell Walker used a spinning samba suplex to defeat Blain Rage and set up his place in the finals.

To give more time for Kyle's leg to recover, Pro Wrestling Ego held an eight man, two team elimination match featuring their champ Jeremy Awesome, Jenna Awesome, Ron Horn, Paul Riot and Bulldog as the Awesome Alliance. They squared off against The Evolution of Evil with Jay Andrews, Jon Evans, Nick Mason and Sir Ian Shire. The Alliance triumphed with the final member of Evolution Of Evil – Jay Andrews –  being defeated.

Tournament Final

Even though injured, Kyle Matthews won the tournament with a super kick against his fellow Georgian Vordell Walker.

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