Friday, November 30, 2012

EPW Returns This Saturday Night Bell Time 8:00

EPW returns to the EPW Arena in Booneville Ms. on old Hwy. 45 this Saturday Night. Makes sure you have plans to be there you never know who will show up at the EPW Arena. Bell Time is 8:00 make sure you have plans to be there.

Jerry "The King" Lawler's palace of pop culture - "Superstar Toyz"

Check out Jerry "The King" Lawler's Superman and Coca-Cola collection in this edition of "Superstar Toyz." See where he houses he prized possessions and find out which Superstars he compared to the "Man of Steel" and The Hulk, only on WWE on YouTube!

Total Wrestling Explosion THIS SATURDAY in Greenville, MS

WOW Pro Wrestling THIS SUNDAY in South Fulton, TN

Kharma (aka Amazing Kong) interview highlights

Kharma aka Amazing Kong -- real name Kia Stevens -- breaks her silence on her WWE release for the very first time speaking exclusively to Diva Dirt about her release, her time in WWE, her brief but boundary breaking run there, and much more.

Kharma talks about joining the company which she describes as her dream job, what it was like breaking the mold for Divas, being given a huge platform for her debut, leaving after just one month, competing in the Royal Rumble match, and her departure.

The former Knockouts Champion also discusses her journey to lose weight, pitching a reality series, her return to wrestling at SHINE 5, the current women's wrestling scene and whether she's had talks with TNA about returning.

The full interview is available here, here are some highlights:

On being offered a job by WWE in December 2010: "I did not see it coming. I was actually about 14 days away from announcing my retirement in wrestling. I got a call. I'll never forget, I was sick with a cold and I got a call from Tommy Dreamer and he asked if he could give my number to John Laurinaitis. And I said, 'Um, yeah!' Five minutes later I got a call from John Laurinaitis who spoke with me and offered me a position at WWE. I don't think I closed my mouth for a good 20 days."

On her WWE release: "Sometimes things aren't moving along as quickly as they need to be, and some things weren't progressing as quickly as they should have been. I think the release was actually a good idea and very appropriate. WWE, the world knows they don't just hire anyone. If they hire you, they're going to invest in you. They're going to apply any and every resource they have for anything that you're going through, so having said that, again, the timing just was there. My release was, in my opinion, appropriate."

On whether she would return to TNA: "I do appreciate the opportunities I was given by TNA, Dixie Carter and Terry Taylor. I appreciate my time there, it was good... until it wasn't. [Laughs] No [communication] whatsoever with them. I'm very grateful, they're the ones that introduced me to the US market, but that time is gone."


Latest news from Chikara

Don't Get Shut Out! Order your advance tickets RIGHT NOW!

Only a few dozen tickets to our Season 11 finale event remain - so don't be left out in the cold (and Philly is quite cold this time of year.) Order your advance tickets now and witness history! Seven mega-matches...every championship is on the line...kings will be crowned...rivalries will be put to an end...everything in Season 11 has been building to this moment: "Under the Hood," at the Trocadero Theatre, live on iPPV! Thanks to our pals Smart Mark Video, you can watch it live on IPPV via for only $16.99. Don't forget - all kids 12 and under are admitted free to the event with a paying adult! Here is the complete card for our Philadelphia homecoming event:

Order "Under the Hood":

1) For the Grand Championship of CHIKARA!
-The 9th annual Torneo Cibernetico ended with Tim Donst not just defeating Eddie Kingston, but humiliating our Grand Champion before the sold-out crowd in his hometown! Now Donst has eyes set on the richest of prizes - Eddie Kingston must defend our Grand Championship as the world watches live on iPPV!

2) Campeonatos de Parejas: Best 2 out of 3 Falls!
-At "The Cibernetico Rises" two legends of the ring, the 1-2-3 Kid & Marty Jannetty, teamed up once again and captured the pivotal third point needed for a shot at CHIKARA's coveted Campeonatos de Parejas. The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) have spent time training under these former World Wrestling Federation tag team champions, but the brash Jackson brothers seem to have little regard or respect for their legendary mentors. Will it be time for the experience and savvy of Kid and Jannetty to prevail over the youthful cockiness of the Bucks?

3) The War to Settle the Score!
-As much success as The Spectral Envoy (Ultramantis Black, Hallowicked, and Frightmare) has enjoyed in 2012 they have been met at every turn with chaos and opposition at the hands of The Batiri (Obariyon, Kodama, and Kobald), Ophidian, and their twisted leader Delirious. Crossbones is one of the two to team up with The Spectral Envoy, and making his CHIKARA return, Blind Rage answers Ultramantis' call to aid the Envoy's mission to thwart their opponents at "Under the Hood."

4) Who Leaves with a Title Shot?
-CHIKARA currently has a logjam as two teams of former champions with unsettled business look to capture the all-elusive third point to earn a title bout. Both teams currently hold two points, and will face off in Philadelphia - 3.0 (Shane Matthews & Scott "Jagged" Parker) collides with F.I.S.T. (Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor) at The Trocadero and one will leave with a title shot...while the other loses everything.

5) For the Young Lions Cup!
-ACH took "Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti to the limit when they met in the finals of the 10th annual Young Lions Cup. The athletic display beacme an instant classic, coronated by a long standing ovation from the entire Indianapolis audience that saw the spectacle and the crowning of a champion. On that day, Mark Angelosetti was the better man, but ACH came within a heartbeat of winning the Cup - can he fulfill his dream on December 2nd in Philadelphia? The world will know the answer when pro-wrestling's two hottest up-and-comers lock up once again at "Under the Hood"!

6) A Roster Divided Against Itself!
-The rift within the roster became shockingly apparent at "The Cibernetico Rises" when Mike Quackenbush was left knocked out, and his longtime partner and protege Jigsaw walked out with The Shard. The waters were muddy enough before Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur ordered this 8-man tag team match for our Season Finale. Of course, it was Vavasseur that ordered assailANT into The Colony and Soldier Ant into The Swarm in the first place. Can either side find accord long enough to survive this intensely personal confrontation?

7) Singles Showdown!
-If there's one thing Dasher Hatfield cannot stand - it's a bad sport. And unfortunately, that's exactly what Icarus has proven to be. Having lost two matches to Hatfield in as many weeks, Icarus, the sore loser, has taken his frustration out on the beloved tecnico. Now Dasher is on a mission to teach the most hated man in CHIKARA history a thing or two about sportsmanship.


NWA releases statement on the passing of Buddy Roberts

From the Office of NWA President R. Bruce Tharpe:

The National Wrestling Alliance is saddened to learn of the death of Buddy Roberts, a legendary journeyman who wrestled in probably every territory in the world during his career. Starting his career in Hamilton, Ontario under his real name, Dale Hey, he trained and became close friends with Red McNulty, who later morphed into "the Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff. Getting booked in Calgary for Stu Hart through Koloff's recommendation, Buddy Roberts' career was off to a great start.

Roberts initially formed a phenomenal tag-team with Jerry Brown in the Tri-States area called the "Hollywood Blondes," then took the team on the road to Montreal, Canada where they teamed for the Grand Prix Wrestling Promotion headed by the Vachons. It was in Montreal where the Hollywood Blondes acquired Sir Oliver Humperdink as a manager and the partnership was box office magic.

Sir Oliver Humperdink and the Hollywood Blondes won titles and headlined territories all over, from Montreal to Florida to Los Angeles to Texas.

After the Blondes went their separate ways, Buddy worked as Dale Valentine for awhile in Texas with Johnny Valentine as his manager, before Bill Watts had the idea to put him with a green tag-team comprised of Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes called "the Fabulous Freebirds." It was as a member of the Feebirds, in the twilight of his career, where Roberts achieved his greatest fame and most likely made the most money.

Buddy Roberts was an icon of the wrestling profession and it was an honor to meet him and Jerry Brown, along with my longtime friend the late-Sir Oliver Humperdink. All of us at the National Wrestling Alliance will miss Buddy Roberts and we wish to respectfully extend to his family our deepest condolences.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fabulous Freebird Buddy "Jack" Roberts passes away

(Dale Hey)
May 16th, 1945 - November 29th, 2012)

Buddy "Jack" Roberts
(real name Dale Hey)
one-third of the legendary Fabulous Freebirds,
has passed away.
He was 65 years old.

Roberts first made an impact
on wrestling in the 1970s,
working his way through the territories
as one-half of a tag team called
"The Hollywood Blonds"
with Jerry Brown.
The duo racked up championships
across the United States
before parting ways late
in the decade.

As the 1980s began,
so did The Fabulous Freebirds.

The technically sound Roberts joined forces
with the charismatic
Michael “P.S.” Hayes
and the hard-hitting
Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy,
and Southern wrestling
was never the same.
The trio ran roughshod
all over the South
before landing in Dallas
and World Class Championship Wrestling.

On Christmas night of 1982,
The Freebirds made history —
not only for becoming the first
WCCW Six-Man Tag Team Champions,
but also more notoriously
for turning against Kerry Von Erich,
setting off a rivalry that is remembered
as one of the greatest in history.
The battles between The Freebirds
and The Von Erich family
are legendary
for their sheer brutality
and the passion they inspired
in Texans.

In the midst of the Freebirds–Von Erichs war,
Roberts developed a rivalry
with Iceman King Parsons.
It began when Roberts cut off Iceman’s signature braids,
ultimately culminating
with a Hair vs. Hair Match
at Reunion Arena in June 1983.
Leading into the bout,
Roberts taunted Parsons with a Nair-like substance
he called “Freebird Hair Cream,”
claiming he would take the rest of Parsons’ hair
with it.
Roberts used nefarious tactics to win the match,
only for the official to restart the bout,
during which Parsons smeared the cream
over his cranium.
The Freebird writhed around the mat,
clutching what was left of his once-luxurious blond hair,
to the fans’ delight.

Over the next few weeks,
fans giggled as Buddy Roberts
appeared on television wearing a blond wig
held in place by boxing headgear,
claiming his hair had grown back immediately.

After stints in WWE, AWA
and Cowboy Bill Watts’ UWF,
Roberts returned to WCCW,
this time as the manager for the animalistic
Samoan Swat Team.

Buddy Roberts left the industry
shortly after WCCW’s closing
in the late 1980s.

Roberts retired from professional wrestling
in 1990.

In the years since he left the ring,
Roberts survived a battle
with throat cancer.
Following his survival
from throat cancer,
he said:
"Don't smoke.  
I think the reason this happened to me
is because I was smoking too much.
I recommend to anyone who smokes 
to quit now.
It is hard but it is worth it."

Buddy Roberts
will always be remembered
as a tenacious competitor.



All of us here at Wrestling News
would like to express and send out
our most sincere condolences
to the family and the friends
of the late, great
Buddy "Jack" Roberts.


Happy Birthday To Jerry "The King" Lawler

We here at would like to wish Jerry "The King" Lawler a very Happy Birthday today.

Elite Wrestling Alliance results from 11-25 Toys for Tots fundraiser in Chattanooga, TN

Grand Moki defeated "Hollywood" Keith Dye. The Bonecrusher (Big Doug & Blackjack) defeated The True Italians (Chad Guilani & Tristan Daniels). 
Deon Mercer vs. "Diamond" Derick Myers ended in a time limit draw. 
Jessica Wetmore defeated Da Clown. 
D'Andre Jaxson defeated Adrian Lynn. 
Zack Stevens & Luke Patterson defeated Big Will & Joey Idol. 
Cody Ayers & Chris Black defeated The Movement (Chip Hazard & Talon Williams) to win the RCW Tag Team championships.

Former WWE Diva Maria announces engagement

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis announced on Twitter Wednesday night that she is engaged to be married to Ring of Honor wrestler Mike Bennett. She tweeted a photo of her engagement ring.

After parting ways with WWE in 2010, Kanellis largely kept away from the professional wrestling industry until meeting Bennett through Twitter last year. She regularly accompanies him to independent events as his valet and now holds the position of creative director of Crossfire Wrestling in Nashville, Tennessee.


8-Man Ladder Match 11-29 in Memphis

Press Release from Pro Wrestling Ego - Great Southern Eight Tournament Results


Great Southern Eight Tournament Results

Raleigh, MS, (November 24, 2012) – The first ever Great Southern Eight Tournament was held in the small Mississippi town of Raleigh with representatives from across the whole southern United States. Representatives from Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida vied for the trophy presented by Pro Wrestling Ego.

The first round of eliminations were:

·         Kyle Matthews (GA) defeated Corey Hollis (AL) with a slurpee kick/small package combination.

·         Chrisjen Hayme (TN) defeated Lukas Frost (MS) with a tornado flatliner

·         Blain Rage (FL) won against Purple Haze (LA) with a vertabreaker

·         Vordell Walker (GA) made Bolt Brady (TX) submit with a stretch muffler.

The semifinals continued with

·         Kyle Matthews winning over Chrisjen Hayme with a roll up. Chrisjen then attacked 
       Kyle injuring his leg so he goes into the finals with an injury.

·         Vordell Walker used a spinning samba suplex to defeat Blain Rage and set up his place in the finals.

To give more time for Kyle's leg to recover, Pro Wrestling Ego held an eight man, two team elimination match featuring their champ Jeremy Awesome, Jenna Awesome, Ron Horn, Paul Riot and Bulldog as the Awesome Alliance. They squared off against The Evolution of Evil with Jay Andrews, Jon Evans, Nick Mason and Sir Ian Shire. The Alliance triumphed with the final member of Evolution Of Evil – Jay Andrews –  being defeated.

Tournament Final

Even though injured, Kyle Matthews won the tournament with a super kick against his fellow Georgian Vordell Walker.

Available for immediate release.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Revolutionary Wrestling Association results from 10-24 in Marion, NC

Jr & Stumpy Grimmett over Scotty Black & Tom Miller by DQ
Will Banderas was disqualified over Tim "The Machine" Thomas by DQ

Ryan Hunter & David Lee Rock defeated Williams & Davis
Jon Skyler defeated B.J. Hancock
Steven Walters & Chrisifix defeated Gunner & Abel Adams

USWO card for Saturday 12/1 in Nashville, TN

From the "OUTLAWS" line at 615-780-3604

Main Event:
"Luscious One" David Matthews vs former USWO Triple Crown Champion Hammerjack

WhiteOut 2.0's "Chosen One" Chris Norte vs "The Suplex Machine" Shabba Shabbazz

Cody Allen (w/JT Gibson) vs "The Exception" Zack Hartnell

Epic Shane Stevens vs "Kryptonite Killer" Michael Steele

"Harvard Educated" Charles Jackson III vs Big Time Sexy

Convict vs Johnny B

and other stuff

Credit: Mr. USWO @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

XOW Wrestling Saturday Dec 15th In Southaven

TFW results from Saturday night in Tupelo (Skyline) MS - FINAL TUPELO SHOW FOR TFW

This post has been deleted

TCW News

November 27, 2012

TCW Show 12-47
TCW™ is celebrating the start of the holiday season with a Thanksgiving Special! The stars of TCW™ are thankful for many things this season, and will share them with you throughout this week's show!
Brian Thompson kicks off the festivities by introducing the new play-by-play voice of TCW™, Brandon Baxter!
Brandon & Brian take us on a journey through the past year's events - including recent additions to the Bradford Family, the formation of "The Empire", and Genetic Perfection's "perfect" reign as TCW™ Tag Team Champions!

Brandon Baxter and Brian Thompson host, along with broadcast partner Ken Resnick.
Features music from Method of Doubt. "Blind Faith" is available for download on iTunes.
Closed Captioning for TCW™ Wrestling is provided by Big River Materials - Go Big, or Go Home!
Watch all of our past episodes on our YouTube page.

Join us on Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. at the Marvin Vinson Center (1611 Oakland Street) in Clarksville, AR.


-- As TCW's gift to you, children 12 and under can experience TCW Holiday Homecoming 2 for FREE! CLICK HERE to print off your FREE KIDS PASS (one per e-mail address).

Our Stars section has recently been updated with lots of new profiles and photos! Check them out at the links below:
To view TCW Champions, click here.
To view the TCW Roster, click here.
To view TCW Staff, click here.
To view TCW Ladies, click here.
To view TCW Alumni, click here.

Crossfire In Nashville With A Big Card!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

TFW this Friday 11/30 in Selmer, TN

(Card subject to change)