Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wrestling results from the state of Illinois

New Midwest Wrestling results from Springfield, IL on 10/27 --

*NMW CI Champ Jon Magnus pinned Matty Montcalm
*The Hooligans fought Southern Bloodlines to a double DQ
*Sage Ramsey & Justin MacIntyre pinned Matt Winners & Doomsday
*Ace Hawkins pinned Matt Cage, Christian Rose & Brandon Espinosa (four-way)
*Dan the Man pinned Tyler Priegel
*NMW Heavyweight Champ Tom Arson pinned Tony G
*Dixieland Destroyer won Brawltoberfest


SHIMMER Volume 51 Results: Berwyn, Illinois on 10/28

1. Melanie Cruise defeated Santana Garrett with a sit-out Alabama Slam.

2. Davina Rose defeated Cherry Bomb with a running facebuster.

3. Tomoka Nakagawa defeated Veda Scott with the Fisherman Express (Hat Trick of Fisherman Suplexes)

4. Re-Generation X (Allison Danger & Leva Bates) (dressed as the Blues Brothers) defeated Made in Sin ("AK47" Allysin Kay & Taylor Made) when they pinned Kay with the Madusa Cascade (Lovelace Choker/Top Rope Double Stomp combo)

5. Rhia O'Reilly defeated KC Spinelli with the Rhiadjustement (Double Arm DDT)

6. "Super Hardcore Anime" LuFisto defeated Ryo Mizunami with the Burning Hammer.

7. Cheerleader Melissa defeated Miss Natural with the Air Raid Crash.

8. Ayako Hamada defeated "The Canadian Ninja" Portia Perez with the AP Cross Diamond.

9. Courtney Rush defeated "The Latina Sensation" Mercedes Martinez with a roll-up.

10. Yumi Ohka defeated "The Lariat" Nicole Matthews with a Tiger Suplex.

11. "The World Famous" Kana defeated "The Wrestling Goddess" Athena by submission with a cross armbreaker.

12. Main Event in a 4-Way Elimination Match for the SHIMMER Title: "Sweet" Saraya Knight (c) defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto, "Your Soul's Tormentor" MsChif & "The Rate Tank" Kellie Skater to retain the title (4th defense).

Order of Elimination:

  • MsChif (by a Matsumoto Backdrop Driver)
  • Matsumoto (by Skater's Skate & Destroy)
  • Skater (by submission from the Bridal Rocking Horse by Saraya)

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