Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wrestling results from the State of Georgia

Championship Wrestling Overload was in Milledgeville, GA on October 7th in front of a crowd of 120. Results: Johnny Nixx defeated Twisted. Maul defeated Trevor Aeon. Kody & Billy Jack defeated Totally Insane. After the match, Enemies of the State jumped Totally Insane. The Jailhouse Rocker defeated Chris Nelms. The Gentlemen's Club defeated Enemies of the State to retain the CWO Tag Team championships. Phenom defeated Swole and Danny Horne in a 3 way match to win the vacant CWO Heavyweight championship.
AWF World of Wild was in Ringgold, GA on October 6th. Results: Falcon wins the Terry "Bookie" West Memorial Cup Battle Royal. Team Winner (Lex Lee & Chris Champion) defeated Mikey Watkins & Tyler Sutton. Iron Mann & Mike Cobb defeated Fly Guy & Sheik Sa'Luk. Jaysun the Unknown & Carlton Wayne defeated Cody Cantrell & Jed Johnson. "Natureboy" Paul Lee vs. Johnny Rokk ended in a no contest.
American Premier Wrestling was in Statesboro, GA on October 13th. Results: El Diablo vs. Vulcan ended in a no contest after the Malcontents (Scotty Bullwinkle & JD) attacked both wrestlers. Mr. Peanut defeated Black Jack Vedder and Rhino in a triple threat match. JD defeated Eric Glamour after interference from Scotty Bullwinkle. Jason Gold & Ace defeated The Fireman & David Coleman to retain the APW Tag Team championships. Red Dragon defeated Rey Rey, Dr. Pain and Jack Skelton in a 4 corners match. Cujo defeated Sarge in a mask vs. diaper match. Sarge is forced to wear a diaper. Eric Glamour defeated David Coleman, Jason Gold, JD, Ace and The Fireman in a 6 man elimination match to become the #1 contender for the APW Heavyweight championship. Rhino wins a battle royal to become the #1 contender for the APW Kid's championship. Note: After being forced to wear the diaper, Sarge quit the APW, vacating the APW Heavyweight championship. Cujo was declared the new champion.
Credit: Brian Slack @  http://www.gwhnews.com/

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