Sunday, October 28, 2012

USWO/ATL card for Friday 11/2 in Nashville

From the Falkin' Hotline @ 615-664-1669

Main Event-USWO Championship
"24-Year-Old Wrestling Legend" Damien Payne (c) vs "The Man from County Hospital Road" Psycho Medic

OUR USWO Music City Champion "First Class" Justin Grandberry vs "Rock-n-Roll Express" Ricky Morton

"Very" Kerry Awful vs "The Magic Man" Nick Iggy

"The Crow Show" Josh Crow vs Kaden Sade

Chris Norte & Trent Taylor vs "Kid Fresh" Mike Cobbs & "Athleticism Personified" Shawn Hoodrich

TNT Mottley vs "Kryptonite Killer" Michael Steele

Convict vs Big Time Sexy

and other stuff

Credit: Mr. USWO @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board 

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