Monday, October 29, 2012

Breaking News - NWA loses two top stars - NWA belt is now vacant

The net is abuzz with reports of two more departures from the National Wrestling Alliance, but this time it is not organizations leaving, it's two of NWA's top wrestlers. According to reports on the Internet, Colt Cabana and Adam Pearce have both announced they are finished with the NWA. This comes immediately after the conclusion of their "Seven levels of hate" series of matches, which ended with a cage match in Australia. Both men reportedly shot on the NWA in the ring after the match.

Something major went down between these two guys and the new NWA management. What it was I do not know, but I do hope the truth comes out eventually. A video of the two allegedly shooting on NWA was posted on Youtube, but it has since been deleted. However, a video can still be seen at this LINK

WNC will have more on this story as it becomes available.

UPDATE 10-28-2012

The new NWA regime is at it again, they refused to allow the NWA World Heavyweight title to be defended in a cage match in Australia. Colt Cabana beat Adam Pearce in that cage match, Colt would be NWA World champ right now, Pearce stated he would retire if he lost the series to Cabana, thus the NWA World title is vacant. Why did the NWA refuse to sanction it? There is a belief that the board did not want Cabana as champion because he is a David Marquez guy and wanted to defend the belt at the former NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Bruce Tharpe a few months ago forced Marquez out of the NWA.


UPDATE 10-29-2012
NWA Press Release 

The NWA™ World Heavyweight Title has been vacated. The Board of Governors wish former champion Adam Pearce the best in his future endeavors. There will be a new NWA™World Heavyweight Champion crowned on Friday, November 2nd in Clayton, New Jersey.

R. Bruce Tharpe, President
National Wrestling Alliance™

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