Friday, October 26, 2012

The History of The Brawler and The Mauler

 2005 was the year. The year of the debut of Awesome. Jeremy Awesome broke into the wrestling world, with an mma and power lifting background, he was ready to take on all challengers. Another Awesome debut at this time, that of Jenna Awesome.
2007. Another year of importance. The year of the debut of the Nathan Lawler. A super sized light weight if you will. A man walking around at 300 lbs, but having more agility than men half his size.
Both of these men and this woman started training together in Natchez, MS. With a small group of guys, under the supervision of John Saxon. Jeremy Awesome and Nathan Lawler had something. The "it" that the others strived to have. Jeremy Awesome being the superior of the small group, took Nathan Lawler under his wing. Over the next 2 years almost, they trained vigorously, trading secrets, giving helpful tips, watching each others backs, and growing. Working all over Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama, with Jenna by Jeremy Awesome's side, cheering him, and the other man she trained with, Nathan Lawler. Unfortunately, as wrestlers get better, they must move forward, sometime leaving behind the slackers. Jeremy Awesome and Jenna moved to New Orleans together, taking over that area and Southern Mississippi. While Nathan Lawler moved to Memphis, Tennessee, taking a firm control of that area, and Northern Mississippi; each men racking up countless victories.
As time goes, Jeremy and Nathan lost touch, only hearing of each other through other wrestlers at various venues. Over 2 years passed before these 3 would all cross paths again. As time went on, Jeremy Awesome became known as the "Bourbon Street Brawler," and Nathan Lawler became known as "The Memphis Mauler."
March 3, 2012 was the start of something big. Nathan Lawler, having been wrestling for NWA-TWE in McAdams, MS, for over a year was about to get his title shot at Big G. The new comer that came into the scene, being promised a title shot for his impressive victories all over the state, Jeremy Awesome with Jenna. A triple threat match for the TWE title. A hard fought match ending in a double submission. Nathan having a cross face applied to Big G, while Jeremy had an ankle lock locked in. Two men winning the title? A rematch between the 2 would be held in 2 weeks.
March 17, 2012 was the rematch with a TWE original, and the NOLA newcomer. Hard hitting, action packed, ending in a disqualification. Jenna got involved by giving Nathan Lawler a DDT, attempting to help Jeremy, but was caught and the match was thrown. The title vacated, and a "Gauntlet for the Title" being held on March 31.
March 31, 2012. "Gauntlet for the Title." Nathan Lawler, being the 3rd man in, had already eliminated several men. Only 2 left to go. In comes Jeremy Awesome, and wow. The two big men went at it. With Jeremy getting cocky, Nathan made a surprise come back and caught Jeremy off guard with the TKO, eliminating him. Nathan had one man to go, the title seemed his. While waiting for the final man, Jenna slipped Jeremy a pair of brass knuckles, Jeremy nailed Nathan before exiting the ring. The finale man, ShowTime, entered the ring and pinned Nathan for an easy win, thanks to Awesome.
April 14, 2012....The final confrontation? Nathan Lawler was scheduled to face Jay Andrews, but Jeremy Awesome had other plans. Jeremy got himself entered into the match in an elimination triple threat. Jeremy and Jay double teamed Nathan. However, Jeremy being the manipulator he is, slammed Jay, hoisted the 300 lb Nathan on his shoulders and power slammed him on Jay, eliminating Jay. Later on Nathan was getting the better of Jeremy, Jay distracted the referee. Jenna got involved once more and gave Nathan a kick below the belt, then delivered a DDT, allowing Jeremy to win.
For the remainder of their time in NWA-TWE in McAdams, Jeremy pursued the title and Nathan kept a losing streak. Eventually, Jeremy seeing Nathan getting attacked, decided to save him, since he was the only wrestler to stand his ground in the ring with Jeremy. They let their recent feud settle out.
In May, 2012, a surprise Tag Team was formed. A team of Nathan Lawler and Jeremy Awesome w/ Jenna, known as the "Sons of Saxon" (a tribute to the man who had a hand in training them and a big influence on their career.) After running through various teams, the quickly became MCWS tag team champions in Bruce, MS. Their tag team stayed undefeated, and everyone wanted a piece of them. After several weeks, Jeremy and Jenna became the favorites. Nathan being in the shadow of Jeremy to some extent.
August 17, 2012, Chaos begins in Brookhaven, MS, and new company, Last Rites debuted. The opponents that SoS were suppose to face did not show up, so Jeremy and Nathan offered to wrestle each other. Jeremy won with a flying cross body, proving he was the superior man, leaving Nathan feeling humiliated. But they were still tag team champions correct?
While still tag team champions, on September 8, 2012, Nathan wanted a singles rematch. So in Vaiden, MS, TWE, hosted the fight. In the end, Nathan was hit with a face breaker, Jeremy taking another victory. Nathan began to get furious inside.
One month later, October 6, 2012, it began. TWE in Greenville, MS, Nathan begged for one more match. In the end, Jeremy hit Nathan with an Awesome Splash getting a 3rd victory. Then Nathan snapped, attacking Jeremy, then attacking Jenna. Slamming her and hitting a Beil Street Bomb, almost crippling her. Because of the attack, the Tag Team titles were stripped from them. 
With the news of this getting so much attention, TCW wanted to see a rematch. On October 13, 2012, in Tunica, MS, a rematch persued. In the end, Nathan finally got his win over Jeremy by using the referee as a shield and blinding siding Jeremy. Even though he won, he attacked Jenna again, this time placing her in the hospital.
Jeremy being furious, took a shot. Having being the EGO title champion for over a year, he challenged Nathan. Nathan's greed for the gold led him to Houlka Ms, with WAR. Jenna being in the hospital, Jeremy had vengeance set. Jeremy made Nathan submit with the Last Awesomery, even held it a few seconds longer. Jeremy thinking he proved himself and that its over, Nathan attacked Jeremy, power bombing him from the ropes and delivering 2 Beil Street Bombs. Jeremy being so injured, he had to cancel his next show to get better.
The war between these two men is not over. In Greenville, MS, on November 3rd, TWE will host the fight. A match that is being advertised as a "Mardi Gras Massacre" match. Chairs, Tables, and Beads..............Awesome will reign.

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