Monday, October 22, 2012

SPWA Wrestling
Ramer TN
Old Action Apparel Building (hwy 57)
Oct 13th 2012
Bell Time 8pm

Attendance - 70

The show opened this week with New South Fight Club and Kelly making their way to the ring. Izzy says this is the 2nd week in a roll he has has to come out here and ask why did his tag team partner, Michael Gilbert, hit him in the face. He claims he knows Gilbert is apart of Revolution and calls Michael Gilbert out because he wants some answers now. Gilbert's music hit and as he makes it into the ring Revolution's music hits and they make their way out onto the stage. Shawn Reed congratulates Gilbert on his match last week and says he has a message from commissioner Grady Watson, and that is effective immediately the New South Fight Club has been banned from the building, security then surrounded them and escorted them out. Shawn then wished Gilbert luck in his big match tonight before leading Revolution to the locker room.

1) 1/2 SPWA Tag Team Champs Cody Dean w/ West TN Champ Andrew Palmer and Kayla beat CT Jordan. Match began with a Cody stalling as usual but CT finally got the arm of Cody Dean, Cody quickly reversed with a cartwheel, leg sweep, moonsault combination and scored a 2 count. CT fought back nailing the diving clothesline through the ropes followed by a slingshot Swanton for a 2 count. Cody got back in control wearing down CT with chops and a backdrop but CT tried fighting back with chops and a face wash of his own but was quickly cut back off with a lariat by Cody. The finish saw Cody Dean pick up the win after hitting CT Jordan with a chain behind the referees back in a very good match.

2) Bones beat Jay Kraft in a really quick match Kraft hit the ring as soon as his music hit and nailed the big boot on Bones but when he made the cover was interrupted by his wife, Miss Sunshine, she began yelling Jays name and Jay got up and began looking at her, allowing Bones to come to his senses and roll Jay up in a school boy to get the win. As soon as the match ended Andrew Palmer hit the ring and nailed his sick package piledriver on Jay Kraft and left with Miss Sunshine.

3) Big Nasty Bill w/ Alex Stone beat Geno Sydal. Bill dominated this match just ripping Geno apart, every time Geno would try to mount a comeback he was quickly shut down by Bill or cheating from Alex. The ending saw Geno miss a running shoulder tackle and dive through the ropes landing head first on the concrete in a scary moment. Alex finally through him back into the ring where Bill delivered a powerbomb for the win.

After the match Allan Stone made his way out on the ramp and said after their actions last week he has someone coming for them next week and at War Games October 27th

4) 1/2 SPWA Tag Team Champs Ricky Smith beat Tyler Boyett. Great match between these two, Boyett started out on fire in the early going hitting a monkey flip on Smith out of a headlock followed by a hiptoss into the corner then a quick arm drag. Smith gained control with a thumb to the eye, a snap suplex and a running drop kick in the corner. Tyler tried to make a comeback but was stopped by a release dragon suplex, then Smith reversed his hurricanrana attempt into a Boston crab for a near submission victory. Tyler Boyett finally got the upper hand after Ricky Smith missed a dive in the corner. Tyler eventually hit a sick Canadian Destroyer sending Ricky flying out of the ring and the referee immediately followed to check on him. This gave Shawn Reed the opportunity to run out and hit a F-5 on Boyett. Shawn then rolled out to check on a down Ricky Smith before rolling him in the ring to make the cover and get the win. 

SPWA Women's Champion Anita Paige made her way out on to the stage and issued an open challenge to any female in Tennessee or around the world to come challenge her for the women's title because she plans on being the best fighting champion SPWA has seen.

5) Cory Daniels beat Shawn Reed. Shawn Reed stalled alot on the outside in the early going after taking a hiptoss, arm drag and drop kick from Daniels, but finally made his way back in where Shawn eventually gained control and went to work on the injured ribs of Cory Daniels. Cory tried to fight back but was caught with a back drop Shawn then went back to work on the ribs before Cory finally caught him with his trademark swinging neck breaker then a big clothesline and sidewalk slam but only got a 2 count. Shawn reversed a whip and caught Cory's boot and yelled "oh no he didn't" and got caught with a big enzijuri kick and got a "oh yes he did" from the crowd. Shawn kicked out at 2 and quickly cut Cory off with a kick and forearm to the face and lifted him up for the F-5 but Tyler Boyett came out distracting Shawn Reed long enough to set up and hit a flatliner on Shawn Reed and get the win.

Main Event) Michael Gilbert beat Chris Stevens. Michael Gilbert started off quick ducking 2 clotheslines and hitting a cross body on Stevens sending him out of the ring to argue with the crowd. Stevens come in eventually ducking 2 of Gilbert's clotheslines but Gilbert caught his crossbody attempt and got a fall away slam for his effort. The match didn't last much longer as Gilbert attempted a splash on Stevens in the corner he pulled the referee between he and Gilbert and Gilbert hit his head on the ring post. Revolution made their way out and Austin Carrier knocked out Chris Stevens and Alex Stone rolled Gilbert on top of him and the referee come to and made the 3 count.

After the match New South Fight Club returned to the arena attacking the Revolution members as Michael Gilbert walks off. Shawn Reed finally leads the rest of Revolution to the ring where they completely destroy New South Fight Club. Michael Gilbert finally grabs a chair on the stage and hits the ring as Revolution scatters and regroups on the ramp. Izzy Rotten then makes his way over behind Gilbert, and Gilbert turns and nails Izzy with the chair and drops it. The other members of Team SPWA enter the ring wanting to know why Gilbert hit Izzy as Shawn Reed tells them Revolution will see them October 27th if they can make it. 

Credit: Nick @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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