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SPWA results from 10-6 in Ramer, TN

 SPWA Wrestling
Oct 6th 2012
Ramer TN
Old Action Apparel Building (hwy 57)
Bell Time 8pm

Attendance - 105

The show opened this week with New South Fight Club coming to the ring, Izzy Rotten thanked all the great fans for continuing to come out and show their support for SPWA and to give themselves a round of applause. He then brought up how last week Michael Gilbert punched him and spine bustered his partner and called out Gilbert to talk. Gilbert came out to a huge ovation, Gilbert apologizes and they have a rematch from 2 weeks ago tonight. As Gilbert starts to leave Revolutions music hits and they slowing come out on stage. Gilbert quickly grabs the mic back and tells Nick Grymes to not get comfortable with the heavyweight title because he wants his rematch, Grymes quickly informs Gilbert that tonight is a 6 man tag and depending on the outcome depends on whether or not Gilbert will get his rematch or not. Shawn Reed takes the mic and informs everyone of Revolutions accomplishments, now having commissioner Grady Watson, the SPWA Heavyweight, West TN and Tag Team Titles, a huge Nick Grymes sucks chant breaks out as Shawn Reed continues, he says they aren't finished. October 27th there is going to be a bigger Revolution he wants 5 vs 5 for control of SPWA. David Andrews takes the microphone and accepts the challenge on SPWA's behalf but it will be inside the cage! The fans go crazy as Revolution storm off in anger over hearing about it being inside the cage.

Next CT Jordan made his way out to the ring to the deliete of the crowd and said after he got to the locker room last week he heard about Shawn Reed interfering in his match last week and wants a rematch with Tyler Boyett

1) CT Jordan beat Tyler Boyett by pinfall The Fans got behind both guys in early going as they slapped hands and hugged. Good back and forth chain wrestling in the early going before CT end it with a high leg clothesline, Boyett quickly scored with 2 arm drags and a drop kick and they had a standoff. Crowd got behind them again as CT hit a nice lucha style arm drag hip toss and drop kick of his own the ending saw CT finally hit the killswitch on Boyett in a very good and competitive match

After the match CT Jordan and Tyler Boyett shook hands and walked up the ramp together where they were viciously attacked from behind by Revolution members and tag team champions Cody Dean and Ricky Smith

2) Shawn Reed w/ Alex Stone beat Kelly by pinfall to become the number 1 contender for the Women's title. Kelly who is best known as the manager for the New South Fight club is making her in ring debut here, Shawn attacked her from behind before the bell and began choking her in the ropes. Kelly fought back with some good offense but in the end was no match for Shawn Reeds size, ability, and knowledge as when Kelly began making a good comeback Shawn faked a leg injury to distract the referee and allow Alex to sneak in and knock Kelly out from behind and allowing Shawn to pin her.

After intermission Alex Stone made his way to the ring to talk to his dad, commissioner Allan Stone. Alex admits he has said some bad, actually a lot of bad stuff and he is sorry. Allan takes the mic and says he is tired of this but he isn't going to take no crap. Alex again apologizes and they hug, but Big Nasty Bill made his return attacking Allan Stone from behind. Alex took the microphone saying the fans were all stupid and he is better than his father and his uncles. He and Big Nasty Bill then posed on the stage before leaving.

3) Jay Kraft beat Chris Stevens by pinfall in what seemed like record time. Kraft hit the ring immediately and fired away with punches. Stevens tried to hit a clothesline but every time he'd throw one he was met with more punches after the 3rd attempt he was met with the viscous big boot from Kraft for the win.

After the match West TN champion Andrew Palmer and Jays wife walked out to the stage and security grabbed Jay. Palmer said that was as close as he'd ever get to the belt or his wife again

4) Womens Champion Anita Paige beat Shawna Reed w/ Andrew Palmer to retain the SPWA Women's Title by pinfall in another great match. Shawna Reed was suppose to be Shawn's Sister who has lived in Russia the last 10 years BUT there was much doubt there, even though this competitor had on a skirt, and after the wig went flying off early there was no doubt who was in the ring. The ending saw the referee get taken down accidentally by Anita's feet after a headscissors into a DDT. But this allowed Palmer to run in. He missed a clothesline and was met with a VERY low kick to the midsection and he fell over head butting Shawn, I mean "Shawna" in the same area, allowing Anita to score the pinfall after the referee came to.

5) West TN Champion Andrew Palmer beat Cory Daniels by pinfall Good match between these two the ending saw Andrew jump off the 2nd rope but got caught mid air by Daniels side walk slam then put in the kokita clutch. Sunshine distracted the referee as Palmer began to tap out. Austin Carrier made his way out and blasted Daniels in the head with a fire extinguisher to knock him out and allow Palmer to get the pin. After the match Jay Kraft ran out knocking down Austin on the stage and hitting the big boot on Palmer in the ring and posing with the belt and exchanging words with Sunshine on the floor

Main Event) SPWA Heavyweight champion Nick Grymes, and SPWA Tag Team Champions Ricky Smith and Cody Dean w/ Alex Stone beat Michael Gilbert and New South Fight Club (Izzy Rotten and Nick Grymes) Izzy Rotten and Ricky Smith started things off with a good exchange before Izzy hitting clotheslines on Smith, Dean, and Grymes. David and Grynes then come in and had a nice exchange of chain wrestling before David toon Grymes in a headlock and began using his to help him back drop Ricky Smith and Cody Dean and finally taking Nick down with a headlock takeover. Grymes finally took control after a rake of the eyes. Tags were made and Izzy ended up on the receiving end of a massive beat down at the hands of Revolution the rest of the match. Izzy finally hit a back suplex on Dean to get the make the tag and things broke down from here. Gilbert chased Alex to the back as Nick gave David a Russian leg sweep on the stage. Dean grabbed the belt and was ready to hit Izzy but Gilbert ran out and took the belt, Dean fell out of the way so Gilbert goes to hit Ricky Smith but he ducks and Gilbert nailed Izzy Rotten allowing Cody to cover him as the referee crawled back in the ring.

October 27th 2012
SPWA presents SPWA vs Revolution "War Games"
All tickets $5
Bell time 8pm

6 vs 6 Steel Cage Warfare
Revolution ( Shawn Reed, Nick Grymes, Cody Dean, Ricky Smith, Andrew Palmer, and the leader of Revolution finally makes his debut as member 6)
SPWA (Michael Gilbert, David Andrews, Izzy Rotten, ???, ???, and ???

Plus much more to be announced 

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