Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sarita (Sarah Stock) wants to work for WWE

Sarita, who has not appeared for TNA Wrestling in six months, is setting grappling goals outside the promotion. The internationally-acclaimed wrestler revealed during an interview published Saturday on promoting breast cancer awareness that she wants to become the Women's Champion of Puerto Rican based promotion World Wrestling Council, as well as compete for WWE. She believes she has the ability to accomplish both tasks and considers them immediate goals.

"I have many plans in the short term; I want to be champion of the World Council, plus I would like to fight in the WWE. I'm very focused on continue to succeed in the wrestling world," she said.

Sarita, whose real name is Sarah Stock, publicly considered WWE a goal of hers when she began her professional wrestling career in Canada, but largely remained mum on the subject after gaining fame in Mexico as well as TNA Wrestling. She briefly competed for WWE's former developmental promotion, Ohio Valley Wrestling, as a non-contracted talent during a wrestling tour of the United States in 2003. She was evaluated by WWE officials during an event tour through Canada the following year, but was not offered a contract.

Sarita also remarked on the differences in wrestling styles between Mexico and the United States, being away from her family in Canada most of the year, and how her family has dealt with the effects of cancer.


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frank taylor said...

Pffft she is so not hot enough to work for WWE