Sunday, October 28, 2012

ProSouth Wrestling results from 10/19 in Piedmont, AL

ProSouth Wrestling was in Piedmont, AL on October 19th. Results: Jed Johnson defeated Stupid (w/Tweety) after Tyler Gage stopped Tweety from interfering. It was then announced by PSW Commissioner Terry Batey that Stupid won the ProSouth Wrestling mayoral election and is now the mayor of ProSouth Wrestling. Big Tomb defeated Crash Test Dummy. Najasism & Vandal defeated De La Vega & "Showtime" Erik Jones. "The Last Hero" Ace Haven (w/Amy) defeated Dakota Outlaw by DQ after Big Tomb interfered. Jed Johnson made the save. Total Justice (Ace Haven (w/Amy), Tyler Gage & Jed Johnson) defeated Stupid (w/Tweety) & N-Justice (Big Tomb & Dakota Outlaw).
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