Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Joey Lynn And Two Others Injured In Car Wreck

This is from Joeu Lynn's Facebook

I'm lucky to be belts do save lives..this was a very bad accident by what i have been told....i dont remember anything about the accident just waking up on a stretcher,and seeing all the people around is banged up pretty bad also and ricky my brother has a broken ankel...please keep tc and ricky in ur prayers,,

 This one was on Hollywood's Jimmy Message Board 

 everyone that knows joey or tc or double r ricky franks please keep them in ur prayers...them 3 were in a bad accident yesterday in mooreville..broken bones cuts and lots of brusies...please keep them in ur prayers for a speedy recovery....thank you...north miss talent inc. 

We here at WNC wish them a speedy recovery 

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