Monday, October 22, 2012

Check out these matches from Magnificent Ladies Wrestling

Match 825 - Barbi Hayden vs. "Smokin Hott" Nikki Lane
This match, originally taped back during the summer, is finally being released to the public. It took months to get this matter out of the courts and on the web site. Barbi Hayden was the Magnificent Ladies Wrestling Champion until she was upset by Nikki Lane. Barbie was upset and pissed off and could not accept that she had just lost the title. She claimed she was cheated out of the belt and had a restraining order put on Magnificent Ladies Wrestling so the match could never be shown. Barbi even stole the camera, but thanks to the attorneys and the legal system, the match is now available and YOU will get to see it and see just how Nikki Lane upset the Texas Sensation. Barbie seems to NOT be the same since she lost the belt. Nikki has the "never say it's over til it's over" attitude, and that is why she is so LOVED by the Magnificent Fans. Great Match!

"Match" 928, Barbi Hayden vs. Nikki Lane
This was really no match at all, it was Barbi Hayden sending a very clear message to Nikki Lane. Barbi has not gotten over losing the belt to Nikki. That's all I am going to say about this "match." Download it and see for yourself what went down.

These, and many other great ladies matches, are available for download or on dvd at

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