Monday, October 29, 2012

BREAKING NEWS Jake "The Snake" Roberts Disappoint Fans At CWF!!

Wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts disappointed the wrestling fans at  Costal Wrestling Federation in La Marque, Texas this past Saturday night. Jake became upset because he thought the announcers talked about his opponent (Johnny Blade) more than they did him at the show. Jake said “The fans are here to see me, not him”. Jake and Johnny were supposed to build up the main event during the middle of the show. Johnny Blade came out during the middle of the show and talked about how he can beat Jake the Snake’s old ass. Jake then entered the ring and told the ref to get in the ring  (the referee didn’t know what was about to happen )  Jake hit his opponent Johnny in the head, then fell on top of him and told the referee to take it home. Witnesses said that Jake was in the ring just a little over a minute. After he stepped out of the ring he walked directly to his car and said he was going home. 

The crowd of about 300 was disappointed to say the least. Witnesses also said that you could tell Jake was drinking and was so out of breath he could hardly walk to his car after being in the ring that small length of time. The promoter Derek King said “I’m not happy with what happen at Costal Wrestling Federation this past Saturday night and would like to apologize to the fans for how Jake Roberts acted.” Derek promises bigger and better shows in the future.

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"Heartthrob" Phillip Barnard said...

I was at the CWF show on Saturday night in La Marque, and can vouch for this incident. Johnny Blade is the leader of a faction, as am I, and we were both at ringside supporting members of our respective groups.

Shortly after the match, which featured NWA North American Champion Carson vs. Rudy Russo, is when this happened.

Jake grabbed his bags, still wearing his street clothes, and tried to leave. After the "match between he and Blade, Jake rolled out of the ring and left the building.

He had left the building earlier in the night, presumably for reasons that have been well-documented with him over the years, and returned about 20 minutes later. It was right after he came back that everything went down.

Word is that he moved in with Diamond Dallas Paige today, as Page is apparently trying to straighten him out. We'll see...