Sunday, October 28, 2012

Alternative Pro Wrestling Results from 10/27 in Royston, GA

JC Walker defeated "The International Superstar" known as Marko by pinfall in 7:23.

The APW Southern States champion "The Lethal Dose" Stryknyn said he had been the one to survive the Loser Leaves APW match at Nightmare on Cherry Street vs. Anthony Henry, and that apparently Royston wasn't big enough for the both of them, and he had been the last one standing. As far as what was next for him, he didn't care. Whoever wanted some, they knew where to find him. Stryknyn was interrupted by a man that hadn't been seen in APW in awhile, none other than Tommy Daniels. Daniels said he started out in APW as a nobody, and when he left, he was a two-time APW Tag Team Champion with James Boulevard in a team known as Sudden Impact. Daniels said he didn't care about Stryknyn. The Lethal Dose told Daniels that if wanted a piece of him, that was fine by him, and just to sweeten it, he would put the Southern States Title on the line.

Ballenger defeated Wade Adams by pinfall in 6:20.
(Adams suffered a brutal cut to his head during the end of this match when he attempted a splash in the corner and caught his head on the ring post, dawning a crimson mask.)

Scott Mason defeated David Coleman by pinfall in 6:23.

APW North Georgia Championship
Kameron Kade (c) defeated "The Sin City Saint" Brandon Parker by pinfall in 6:02.

APW Southern States Championship
"The Lethal Dose" Stryknyn (c) defeated "The Bronx Bomber" Tommy Daniels by disqualification in 8:18. Kade attacked Stryknyn resulting in the DQ. The 2 on 1 caused the locker room to clear, forcing official Dee Byers to make an impromptu 10-man Tag Team match.

Wade Adams & Jamie Cruz & David Coleman & Brandon Parker & Stryknyn defeated Tommy Daniels & Kameron Kade & Scott Mason & Ballenger & Marko by pinfall in 14:12.

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