Thursday, August 30, 2012

NWA Alternative Pro Wrestling results from 8/24 in Royston, GA

 NWA Alternative Pro Wrestling results from the Royston, Ga at the Pops Horton Gym on August 24.

Kameron Kade & Ballenger defeated Aaron Vaughn & "The Wildcat" Gavin Cross by pinfall in 9:14.

"The Sin City Saint" Brandon Parker came to the ring next. Parker stated that he had been with APW for 5 years, and in those 5 years, one man seemed to always be ducking him, and dodging him, the NWA Southern States Champion Stryknyn. He called out Stryknyn and challenged him to a title match. Stryknyn came to the ring, staring Parker in the face. They exchanged blows with Stryknyn gaining the upper hand, causing Parker to retreat and leaving Stryknyn in the ring holding the title in the air. Evidently Parker's challenge was accepted.

Josh Powers defeated "The One Man Mercinary" Viper by DQ in 6:36.
(Viper shoved official Lee Justice, causing Justice to call for the DQ.)

APW Tag Team Champions Heavy Metal defeated Fit and Fluffy (Alan Price & Dillon Dollar) by pinfall in 9:27.

After intermission, NWA North Georgia Champion "King" Seth Delay, and his servant James Boulevard came to the ring. Immediately, the crowd began a "kiss his feet" chant. Delay told Boulevard that he should do it. Of course, Boulevard said he wouldn't do it. Delay reminded Boulevard that he was under contract, and that he had to do anything that Delay demanded. Reluctantly, Boulevard got down to kiss Delay's feet, but before he could, Delay asked anyone in the audience had lipstick for Boulevard. Much to Boulevard's dismay, an older woman in the crowd did. It was an awful pink shade. Delay made Boulevard put it on and the deed was done. After this, Delay said that he had an opponent for Boulevard..."The Unstoppable" Shadow Jackson!

Shadow Jackson defeated James Boulevard by pinfall in 3:56.

"The Lethal Dose" Stryknyn defeated Brandon Parker by pinfall in 8:03 to retain the NWA Southern States Championship.

King" Seth Delay defeated JT Talent by pinfall in 10:55 to retain the NWA North Georgia Championship. 
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