Friday, August 31, 2012

EPW results from 8/25 in Booneville, MS

Capacity crowd at EPW this past Saturday night for EPW Ring Wars. All matches in two rings. They definitely got their money's worth.

Justin Rhodes defeated BJ VOO w/Smoodoo (formerly Antoin Smooth).

Construction Knockout Match (Weapons Under the Barrels Match) - Anything Goes - Last Man Standing: Chris Rocker defeated Buzz Harley by using a sledge hammer.

Raja defeated JuJu Bokor w/Smoodoo by DQ due to interference by BJ Voo.

10-man Two Ring Double Elimination Match
Hair vs. Tag Team belts
If Team Bonecrusher loses, Bonecrusher & Cassanova Kid lose their hair. If The Hollywood Clique loses, Bonecrusher & Kid win the belts.

Team Hollywood: Derrick King, Chad Williams, Neil Taylor, Cody Hawk, & Tim Poole
Team Bonecrusher: Bonecrusher, Cassanova Kid, The Watchers, & Big Daddy V.

Prior to the match starting Bonecrusher came out and announced that The Watchers, a tag team from Atlanta, were not there because they received a call, supposedly from Bonecrusher, telling them not to come to Booneville. Bonecrusher said that he, Kid, and Big Daddy V would take on all five of the Hollywood Clique members in a 3-on-5 match. Edith came out of the back and said she had replacements for the Watchers, and brought out 24/7, Kross & JR Mauler. Hollywood was furious, but his protests were to no avail.

After a major battle (it was not a wrestling match, it was a brawl) it came down to Cody Hawk and Kross. Kross used a Samoan drop on Cody and was able to get the win by pin fall. New Tag Team Champions are Bonecrusher & Cassanova Kid. Note: Hollywood tried every way in the world to help his team cheat, including getting up out of his chair numerous times, as the photos below will show, but it was to no avail.

The Card for this Saturday night in Booneville will include the return of Grandmaster Sexay Brian Christopher to EPW. It will be an exciting night, so don't miss it! Remember, you never know who will show up at EPW or what will happen, so don't miss this Saturday night at EPW! See you there!

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