Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SPWA results from 7/28 in Ramer, TN

SPWA Wrestling
Ramer TN
Old Action Apparel Building (hwy 57)
July 28th 2012
Bell time 8pm

Attendance - 75

Show opened with SPWA Women's champion Auburn Thunder and Izzy Rotten coming to the ring followed by BB for a contract signing to the upcoming title match it turned into a brawl when Thunder and Rotten attacked BB busting her head open and continuing the beat down until Johnny Morton made the save

1. Danny Daniels vs Tennessee Mauler went to a no contest when Andrew Palmer hit the ring giving a hard lariat to Mauler and a sick package piledriver to Daniels.

2. Izzy Rotten w/ Auburn Thunder beat DC after Auburn tripped DC up on the top rope and Izzy hit the death valley driver

3. Johnny Morton beat Chris Stevens by pin fall

4. Jay Kraft beat Justin Rhodes by pin fall after the big boot

5. Ricky Smith and Cody Dean beat Super Destroyer and CT Jordan by pinfall after Smith hit the Angels Wings on Jordan. After the match Destroyer and Jordan attacked Smith and Dean until they fought back and sent them running to the dressing room

6. SPWA Heavyweight Title Match
Cory Daniels beat Devon Day(c) w/ Jim Casey to win the championship. Devon controlled the entire match until he accidentally knocked the referee out giving Daniels the running power slam, this allowed Michael Gilbert to run out and knock Devon out with a roll of pennies like Devon had done to him weeks earlier in the cage. Gilbert then rolled Daniels on top of Devon and woke up the referee. After the 3 count Gilbert gave Devon a huge spine buster and left with the new champion

7. SPWA Tag Team Title Match
H8 Club (c) ( Shawn Reed and Josh Matthews) beat Geno Sydal/Austin Carrier and Andrew Palmer and Sandoval in a 3 way elimination tag. The ending saw Palmer and Sandoval getting the upper hand on the H8 club when Palmer grabbed Sandoval by the throat and said he was sorry before delivering 2 sick package pile drivers he celebrated with H8 club for a moment before Cody dean and Ricky smith hit the ring

Main Event - SPWA West TN Title match
Tyler Boyett beat Nick Grymes(c) w/ Auburn Thunder by pin fall to win the championship back after he and Nick battled to the top rope and Tyler fought out of a back suplex attempt and hit the moonsault 

Credit: Nick @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

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