Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Show Details Now Online: PRIME Wrestling TV #159: Jason Bane vs. Benjamin Boone

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Watch this week's episode now right here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s1mrlmi_Kw
Three weeks away from Bane's epic confrontation with "The Man Beast" Rhino at Wrestlelution 5, he has signed to meet one of the biggest and most intimidating foes on the PRIME roster and a man with an impressive mean streak & win streak in his own right - Benjamin Boone. While Boone may not be quite as big as Rhino, it will be a perfect way for Bane to test his merit in preparation for August 19. However, the Sons of Michigan are determined to make sure this is more than just a tune-up for Bane. They are out to make their own mark and set their own path for Wrestlelution. With N8 recently adding Zach Gowen to the fold, rumors state that N8 may not even be done yet! Will we learn more this week?

GORY vs. "Hot Commodity" MATT MASON
Krimson has crossed a line recently, by making Mason's family a target of his diabolical mind games and intimidation, an act that has enraged Matt to no end. Three weeks away from meeting Krimson in a No Disqualification environment at Wrestlelution 5, he'll take on fellow Dead Wrestling Society member Gory. Gory has made headlines of his own, challenging TV Champion Facade to a Casket Match at Wrestlelution 5, but he may have an early brush with death of Mason's recent mindset is any indication. Matt will have wife Jayme in attendance once again to watch over her. But will the DWS try to take their mind games to the next level?

"True Talent" Bobby "The Body" Shields vs. "BatDan" Dan Arkham w/Bryan Castle
A week ago, we learned that Sex Appeal would die on Wrestlelution 5 August 19, when Bobby Shields would battle Bobby Beverly in a match that is, quite simply, ultimate humiliation for the Sex Appeal members - Hair vs. Hair. Not only would the Bobbys do battle, but Nicki Valentino would be caught in the middle as Special Referee. Can Shields score some momentum leading into the battle? Will he claim another haircut victim? Will we learn more about Valentino's position in this split?

PLUS: The latest installments in our sit-down interviews with "Man Beast" Rhino and Jason Bane!

More emotional comments from "One Legged Wonder" Zach Gowen and "Handicapped Hero" Gregory Iron, three weeks before their one-on-one match with one another!

Bobby Shields speaks about his upcoming Hair vs. Hair battle!

Matt Cross reacts to the news he will meet Petey Williams one-on-one at Wrestlelution 5!

We'll announce the final two Wrestlelution 5 matches in the Wrestlelution 5 Control Center!

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