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Aternative Pro Wrestling results from 6/23 in Royston, GA

The Alternative Pro Wrestling report from the Pops Horton Gym in Royston, GA for June 23 is as follows.

NWA Southern States Champion Stryknyn defeated Scott Mayson by pinfall in 3:03. Post match, Stryknyn called out Anthony Henry and told him that the road that he and
Henry were on to Freedom Fight 2012 was a familiar one, and that Henry had no idea what he was getting himself into this time. Henry did not come out, so Stryknyn
exited the ring holding his title high.

Untouchable Talent (J.T. Talent & Jeremy Vain) announced that the first ever Untouchable Talent Tag Team Invitational would take place later in the evening to determine
which team would get the title shot at Freedom Fight 2012. Revolution and Ballenger came to the ring and said their omission from the tournament was on outrage. Vain
and Talent said that to save them from future embarrassment, Revolution and Ballenger would receive their title shot right now.

Revolution and Ballenger defeated Untouchable Talent to win the APW Tag Team Championship in 11:00. Revolution blinded Talent with an eye rake. When Vain went to
check on him, Talent thought it was Revolution and hit his finisher on Vain. Revolution then threw Talent out of the ring and pinned Vain (the legal man).

Jacoby Boykins said he cost Dustin Knight his #1 contender's match last week because he was eaten up by the thought that Knight eliminated him from the
GameChanger Rumble. Brandon Parker came to the ring and told Boykins that neither of them got what they wanted at GameChanger, but they could join forces to go
after the tag titles later tonight. Boykins agreed.

Eli Evans defeated Kameron Kade by pinfall in 5:47.

NWA North Georgia Champion James Boulevard came to the ring accompanied by his "servant" Skirra Corvus. Corvus was sporting a black blazer and white collared
shirt underneath. Boulevard told Corvus that with the way the economy was, Corvus should be thrilled to have a job. Boulevard said if no one liked the way he did things,
there was nothing they could do about it, because he was The King. The music of "The King of Royston" Seth Delay hit. Delay challenged Boulevard to a match. Much like
last week, Boulevard started hot and as soon as Delay got the upper hand, Boulevard exited the ring and demanded that Corvus take his place or he would be fired. A
little more reluctant than last week, Corvus entered the ring.

Seth Delay defeated Skirra Corvus by pinfall in 9:25. Boulevard was livid after the match. He began screaming at Corvus saying how he should fire him for costing him
his match, and that this match may cause him to have to defend his North Georgia Championship against Delay in the future.


Untouchable Talent Tag Team Invitational

The Enterprise (Jacoby Boykins and Brandon Parker) defeated Dany South and Wade Adams by pinfall in 4:05.

The Enterprise defeated Just 2 Dudes (Jamie Cruz and Chris Spectra) by pinfall in 5:15.

Shadow Jackson and Dustin Knight defeated The Enterprise by pinfall in 8:38.

Heavy Metal (Shane Hexxon and Cali Cannon) defeated Shadow Jackson by pinfall in 9:15.

Freedom Fight 2012 is July 27.

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