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WWA4 results from 6/28 in Atlanta, GA

WWA4 was in Atlanta, GA on June 28th. Results: Rudy defeated Skeletal. K-9 defeated Stitch. Ice Wolf defeated Axel Ross. Casey & Dixie defeated AJ & Virus.
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New WWE Diva reports to FCW after long delay

Independent women's wrestler Tenille Tayla will begin working with WWE's developmental territory FCW soon. She signed with WWE last year but hasn't debuted because of surgery she had to have on her shoulder. She wrote on Facebook:

"Thank you to all my family and friends for the love and support. It's been a long hard journey but happy and proud to say I am now getting a chance to fulfil my dream of not only living in the USA but working for the WWE. I am so excited to start this new journey in my life... Can hardly believe it still! :D Hellooooo Tampa!! Let's get this show on the road!"


NWA Main Event 7/5 in Nashville, TN

NWA Main Event "Presents"
Star Spangled Showdown
Thursday July 5, 2012
NWA Arena & TV Studios - 8 PM Belltime
1056 E. Trinity Lane @ Gallatin Rd.
Nashville, TN 3726

Main Event - NWA North American Title Match
Shaun Tempers (Champion)
Se7en w/Prince Omar Al Kazan

60 Minute Iron Man Match
Nick Iggy -vs- Dyron Flynn

Jeremy Flynt -vs- Chris Norte

Steve 0 -vs- Lee Condry

"Elements of Wrestling"
Matt Madison & Kaden Sade
Kerry Awful & Erik Hayes

David Knox -vs- GQ

Plus Larry Cooter, Shawn Fatal,Psycho Medic, Shane Steel, Ben Thrasher, and much, much, more!

Ringside $8.00, General Admission $4.00, Kids 5 & under FREE!

The Amost 100% perfect concession stand!

Card subject to change!

NEW TNA Knockout signed

Women's wrestler Taeler Hendrix is the newest TNA Knockout.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Planet Wrestling-Saturday July 7th in Loxley, Alabama

Southern Style Pro Wrestling in Garland, TN-Saturday, July 7th

ALL OUT WAR-Thursday, July 5th at Raleigh Springs Mall in Memphis,TN



Stan Lee defeated Derrick King via Pinfall

Eric Wayne defeated Koko B. Ware with assistance from Special Guest Referee "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton

Matt Boyce & Tatt2 defeated Jon Michael & Alan Steele with Matt handcuffing Jon Michael to the cage and escaping

Brian Christopher climbed over the top of the cage to escape and defeat Precious

Viscera defeated Jerry "The King" Lawler by escaping through the door

Goldberg Wants to Face Lesnar

Source: The Wrestling Observer

It's being reported that former WWE and WCW star Bill Goldberg reached out to Brock Lesnar to discuss a potential angle between the two of them that would see Goldberg make his return to pro wrestling.

One problem, however, is that Brock Lesnar only has two major dates left on his WWE deal, one with Triple H at SummerSlam, and the other with his opponent at WrestleMania.

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Shane Douglas Talks Extreme Rising, Video Promo, Nashville's Crossfire Wrestling & More

Former WCW, WWE and ECW Legend, current head of Extreme Rising and Crossfire Director of Operations the always opinionated “Franchise” Shane Douglas joined Kayfabe Wrestling Radio Tuesday Night. In a nearly 30 minute interview, he talked about Extreme Reunion’s pluses and minuses and what to expect from Extreme Rising, his use of social media and its use by wrestlers and fans, his involvement with Crossfire and a possible return to the ring, why he chose the six participants for the Heavyweight Championship Tournament, the climate of profession wrestling and what he would do to fix it, and a litany of other topics.

The Pluses of the Extreme Reunion show- “What went right was we hit our stride, we showed our promotional capacity, we brought in a hell of a house with 2,000+ with 600 turned away which it unheard of in independent wrestling today. It shows that the wrestling legacy that ECW left still has legs and the fans are still willing to see something that is a reference to how the business was back in 1992 that brought rise to the original ECW the first time. If WCW and WWF, back then, were giving fans what they wanted, then nobody would give a damn about what we did in that bingo hall. Instead, we changed wrestling forever and I think that legacy still holds on and we tapped into some of that.”

The Youtube video/social media he recently released about the Extreme Rising event- “It was about getting out ahead; this whole thing with the social media, it has toppled governments talk to Mubarak in Egypt and Gadhafi in Libya. We wanted to make sure we were well ahead of, or at least trying to maintain ourselves, with the social media and that we understand how powerful it can be; how powerful one or two voices can be in a sea of thousands voices or two thousand voices. So I wanted to get out ahead of it because there were things that went right with the show but there were things that, I’m sure you can imagine, that I was less than thrilled about with the show: with Sabu, with Justin Credible, with Raven and whatever you call his segment (that was not what was booked). So from those standpoints, I was not happy at all about the show and I wanted to make sure those things didn’t take on a life of their own and become the tattoo on the show.”

His opinion of wrestling today- “My belief is our wrestling business is in a very bad place today. Vince McMahon has historic low ratings, his stock is at historic low numbers, his revenue is at a historic low level never before seen, house shows are bad. Wrestlemania, after spending $10+ million and over a year to promote it; not sold out. These are numbers you can’t ignore. I can have my opinion all I want; no one knows where I stand on TNA and WWE’s product, but those numbers scream from the mountaintops what’s really going on; you can’t deny it, you can’t say it’s not going on but the proofs in the pudding. The fans are demanding something different; we’ve lost 43-45 million fans that used to watch wrestling 10-12 years ago. They didn’t disappear and they didn’t get sucked up in a rapture that we were all left behind on, so what in the world can we do to bring those fans back to the table? From where I sit, that’s the problem I’m working on; how do we get those people back to the table?”

His involvement in Crossfire Wrestling- “I’m committed to the product, I believe in what they are doing, I believe in Marcus (Pastorius, CEO/Owner of Crossfire Wrestling), and I believe in the company and the commentary. But I believe in it from the standpoint of me contributing from the office. I don’t think Crossfire needs Shane Douglas in the ring; they have enough talent down there and bringing stars in like Bret Hart (coming in August) which is a huge deal down there. So, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to just sit there and say ‘Well, they need Shane Douglas in the ring’; they have enough talent, they are loaded on talent. What they need from Shane Douglas is for me to bring in my 30 years of experience and helping to get these guys over and I’m committed to that with Crossfire and Marcus.”

For more information on the Crossfire event on August 4th, log onto and for this weekend’s Extreme Rising shows (June 29th in Corona, NY and June 30th in Philadelphia, PA), log onto Shane can be followed on Twitter (@Real_Franchise), through Crossfire Wrestling (@CrossfireLLC) and his websites and

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Weather Forces JBL To Quit Summit Hike, Posts Video

The following update has been posted by former WWE Champion John "Bradshaw" Layfield, while at 17,000 feet during his latest summit climb:

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Aternative Pro Wrestling results from 6/23 in Royston, GA

The Alternative Pro Wrestling report from the Pops Horton Gym in Royston, GA for June 23 is as follows.

NWA Southern States Champion Stryknyn defeated Scott Mayson by pinfall in 3:03. Post match, Stryknyn called out Anthony Henry and told him that the road that he and
Henry were on to Freedom Fight 2012 was a familiar one, and that Henry had no idea what he was getting himself into this time. Henry did not come out, so Stryknyn
exited the ring holding his title high.

Untouchable Talent (J.T. Talent & Jeremy Vain) announced that the first ever Untouchable Talent Tag Team Invitational would take place later in the evening to determine
which team would get the title shot at Freedom Fight 2012. Revolution and Ballenger came to the ring and said their omission from the tournament was on outrage. Vain
and Talent said that to save them from future embarrassment, Revolution and Ballenger would receive their title shot right now.

Revolution and Ballenger defeated Untouchable Talent to win the APW Tag Team Championship in 11:00. Revolution blinded Talent with an eye rake. When Vain went to
check on him, Talent thought it was Revolution and hit his finisher on Vain. Revolution then threw Talent out of the ring and pinned Vain (the legal man).

Jacoby Boykins said he cost Dustin Knight his #1 contender's match last week because he was eaten up by the thought that Knight eliminated him from the
GameChanger Rumble. Brandon Parker came to the ring and told Boykins that neither of them got what they wanted at GameChanger, but they could join forces to go
after the tag titles later tonight. Boykins agreed.

Eli Evans defeated Kameron Kade by pinfall in 5:47.

NWA North Georgia Champion James Boulevard came to the ring accompanied by his "servant" Skirra Corvus. Corvus was sporting a black blazer and white collared
shirt underneath. Boulevard told Corvus that with the way the economy was, Corvus should be thrilled to have a job. Boulevard said if no one liked the way he did things,
there was nothing they could do about it, because he was The King. The music of "The King of Royston" Seth Delay hit. Delay challenged Boulevard to a match. Much like
last week, Boulevard started hot and as soon as Delay got the upper hand, Boulevard exited the ring and demanded that Corvus take his place or he would be fired. A
little more reluctant than last week, Corvus entered the ring.

Seth Delay defeated Skirra Corvus by pinfall in 9:25. Boulevard was livid after the match. He began screaming at Corvus saying how he should fire him for costing him
his match, and that this match may cause him to have to defend his North Georgia Championship against Delay in the future.


Untouchable Talent Tag Team Invitational

The Enterprise (Jacoby Boykins and Brandon Parker) defeated Dany South and Wade Adams by pinfall in 4:05.

The Enterprise defeated Just 2 Dudes (Jamie Cruz and Chris Spectra) by pinfall in 5:15.

Shadow Jackson and Dustin Knight defeated The Enterprise by pinfall in 8:38.

Heavy Metal (Shane Hexxon and Cali Cannon) defeated Shadow Jackson by pinfall in 9:15.

Freedom Fight 2012 is July 27.

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IPW Expo/AIWF Intense/APW this Saturday night in Columbus, MS

IPW Expo/AIWF Intense/APWComing this Saturday night in Columbus MS... Belltime 7:00pm... Action Packed Wrestling... APW returns to the David Lavender Coliseum... Come out and see what we have in store... Spread the word...

OVW results from 6/27 in Louisville, KY

Tony Gunn beat Jay Freddie in an OVW TV title tournament match

Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta beat "The First Class"(Kevin Graham & Punisher Van Slyke)

James "Moose" Thomas w/Mickie McMichael beat Eddie Diamond w/Jimmy Danger in an OVW TV title tournament match 

Joe Coleman w/Jack Black beat Elvis Pridemore in an OVW TV title tournament match 

Mohamad Ali Vaez and Raul Lamotta were the last two left in the battle royal for the OVW TV title tournament.

 Ted McNaler w/Brittany DeVore vs Adam Revolver went to a DDQ in what was billed as their "Final encounter" match

Taeler Hendrix w/Dylan Bostic beat Blair Alexis, Heidi Lovelace and Jessie Belle in a "scramble match"

 Cliff Compton beat Jason Wayne & Chris Silvio w/Mo Green & Mary Jane in a three way dance

 Credit: Trent Van Drisse @ Mid-Southern Wrestling message board

NOTE: Trent's excellent write-up on this OVW event can be found at Mid-Southern Wrestling message board. Worth the time to check it out! Here's a LINK

NWA Main Event 7-10 in Scottsville, KY

  NWA Main Event, Inc.
Tuesday July 10 - 8 PM Belltime
Community Center
Scottsville, Ky.

Main Event
"The King" Jerry Lawler
"Dirty" Dutch Mantell

Steve 0
Vic The Bruiser w/Prince Omar Al Kazan

David Know -vs- Johnny Richards w/Sir Charles

Cash Flo -vs- Kerry Awful

Psycho Medic -vs- Dyron Flynn

$12.00 Front Row, $10.00 Ringside, $8.00 General Admission Kids 5 & Under FREE with paid adult.

Card subject to change.


TNA wrestler signs new contract

To follow up on earlier wrestling media reports regarding Hernandez and his contract status with TNA Wrestling, Hernandez confirmed with earlier today that he has indeed signed a new deal for another year. The deal was agreed to around three weeks ago.


WWE Diva Quits reports that Karlee "Maxine" Perez has quit the WWE. She had been mainly featured on NXT, but had made appearances on both Raw and Smackdown including the Battle Royal on Raw this past week. The report stated that she was "frustrated" with a number of things including not being offered a guaranteed deal.


Big card @ TFW Wrestling THIS SATURDAY night 6/30 in Tupelo (Skyline) MS

Big Lineup for TFW Wrestling Saturday 6/30/2012 
2917 Hwy 178 E. 
Tupelo, MS (Skyline)
Bell time 8:00 PM
Doors Open 7:00 PM 
Get there early seats have been selling out!
Tickets $7.00 (children 5 and under free)

Plus many many more...
*****card subject to change*****