Tuesday, May 29, 2012

EPW results from 5/26 in Booneville, MS

Raja w/Smooth defeated The masked Avenger. After the match 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) beat both Raja & Smooth down. Edith out and threatened to suspend 24/7 if they did not go to the back. Apparently that is exactly what 24/7 wanted, because they did not want anything to do with Big Daddy V & Bonecrusher in the main event later on. They actually begged Edith to suspend them. Edith then said she would fine them instead if they did not go to the back. At first that did not phase Kross & JR, but when Edith mentioned $5000.00 each, they were only to happy to head to the back.

24/7 back to the ring - along with someone I had never seen before in my life, who was introduced only as Jeremy. Jeremy was there as an official representative of Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock. They called out Bonecrusher and offered him a $25,000.00 check from Blaylock to leave the building and forget about the main event. They said all Bonecrusher had to do was go home and the money was his. Bonecrusher took the check and headed to the back. 24/7 celebrates.

Raja hit the ring and attacked Jeremy & beat him down. Kross & JR quickly went to the back. It took several people to get Raja to the back, but Raja was back in the ring in no time and attacked Jeremy again. It took 4 people to get Raja to the back. Jeremy was taken to the back, and just in the nick of time, because Raja came back out yet again and wreaked havoc before being taken to the back a third time.

Main event: 24/7 to the ring still gloating. Big daddy V to the ring also. Bonecrusher's music played but he did not come to the ring. Big Daddy V asked that Bonecrusher's music be played again, but still no Bonecrusher, so Big Daddy V said he would take on 24/7 by himself in a handicap match.  He did OK against 24/7 in the first few minutes of the match, but the numbers game finally caught up with him, and 24/7 had the advantage. About half way through the match Bonecrusher did come to the ring, and Big Daddy V was finally able to make the tag. Long story short - Big Daddy V &  Bonecrusher defeated 24/7, giving them quite a beating and leaving them laying in the ring.

This Saturday night at EPW the tournament to crown new Tag Team Champions will begin. You will recall the belts were stripped from Bonecrusher & Cassanova Kid several weeks ago by Tim Poole for reasons unknown. Tim has now ordered a tournament to crown "legitimate, deserving champions."

Teams that have entered the tournament include "The Studd" Scott Porteau & "The Future" Chris Styles; The Asylum, Psycho & Pappy; and Smooth, Inc., and I am sure 24/7 will have to get in on the opportunity also. It all happens at the EPW Arena on Highway 145 in Booneville, MS, this Saturday night 6/2/2012. Bell time is 8:00. Don't miss it!

Remember, you never know who will show up at EPW or what will happen! See you there!

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