Monday, April 30, 2012

Results from This Weeks F.T.W

Billy Russ opened the show with some big news. Juduz was told if he laid another hand on a fan or a women or kid. He will be FIRED! Also The Tag Titles were held up after SnS were unable to defend the belts. The match was made for the titles tonight between N.R.G and The Swag Boyz in Biscuit's last match. N.R.G came to the ring and agreed to the match but said they had a bigger announcement a video played with the newest member of N.R.G "The Human Highlight Reel' Austin Lane.  

1st Match:The Kid & Buckwheat defeat Dirty lil Dave &  Bad Brad

2nd Match: Justin Hell with Dallas beat Houston for the I.I.H.C Championship
        But the decision was reversed after the ref found a chain in Hell's tight's.
        So Still Champion HOUSTON

3rd Match: Erick "The Hardcore King" Hayes Defeated Dazzlin Dixie 
After Hayes got the win Dixie got the mic and challenged Hayes to a FLAMING TABLES MATCH next coming week!

4th Match: The Blood Red with Mr. Paradise defeated The Dirty LiL Gang with Dirty LiL Dave in a Losers Leave Town Match.

5th Match:OZ Beat N.R.G's Diva Million Dollar Baby with Jason"The Brain" and Candy by countout
M$B was injured her shoulder in the match and carried to the back by N.R.G. No news on how much time she will miss.

Match 6: Heavyweight Champion Juduz got the win over Mark Justice after Mad Money Mike turned his back on Mark, The Fans and His Family!
Main Event: The Swag Boyz  Defeated N.R.G's "America's Most Hated" Anton Mr. Everything Leveigh & "Xtreme" Ricky Andrews with Jason"The Brain" and Candy
 In the end of a AWESOME MATCH that will be a match of the year candidate! Biscuit held his chest,The match basically stopped as some of Biscuit's family tried to get in the ring, As Leveigh checked on Biscuit he rolled Anton up for the Victory and The Championships!


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