Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Results: Empire Wrestling Entertainment, 04/21/12, from Rossville, GA

On April 21st fans were treated to a fine night of action at The Empire. Let's get right to the action.

The Illumiati's Johnny Viper and Cyrus opened the event, facing Empire Tag Team Champions The Wyld Stallyns-Chris Ganz and "The Wyld Chyld" Corey Coxx in a match for the Empire Tag Team Championship. Viper had been promising a victory all last week and he and Cyrus came close. As much as Viper barks about winning, The Illumiati seems more intent on injuring opponents than actually winning. (More on that later).

The Wyld Stallyns retained the Tag Team Title as Cyrus was eventually disqualified for refusing to break a vicious choke hold. Viper's nemesis, Logan Alvey, joined The Wyld Stallyns at ringside and when Cyrus refused to break the choke, Alvey hobbled into the ring, with crutch in hand and started swinging. He took roundhouse swings at Brandon Collins and Johnny Viper with his crutch, missing, and they fled the ring, but he nailed Cyrus twice with the crutch, clearing the ring of The Illuminati!

Viper is the mastermind behind The Illuminati but until he gets his group completely focused, they will fall short of true success....winning titles. However he seems completely happy with keeping Logan Alvey injured and less than 100%.

David Gage returned to The Empire, fresh off his upset win over Devil's Reject Andrew Alexander on April 7th, to meet Alexander again. Only this time the Devil's Rejects leader, The Reverend, accompanied Alexander. Gage didn't seem bothered by the ringside presence of The Reverend as he definitely has a new found confidence, telling the Empire fans pre-match, that he felt like a superstar after defeating Alexander April 7th. Gage fared well again as defeated Alexander by countout, thrilling the Empire fans. After the match, The Reverend was clearly disgusted with Alexander and his performances which are blemishing The Devil's Rejects.

Next The Empire heard from the ever popular former 2 time Empire
Heavyweight Champion Rush. Rush let us all know that he too is throwing his hat in the mix to go after Rufus Black's Empire Heavyweight Title. The Reverend and Rufus Black need to especially be mindful of the bullseye on Black's back right now. Not only is Rush now after Black's title, but also Ben Thrasher and Jason Hampton are in the mix for that Empire Heavyweight Title. I don't see how Rufus Black can keep the Title with those 3 circling the wagon for his Title.

K.T. Hamill reeling after 2 consecutive losses to "The Army Of 1" Ben
Thrasher, challenged him to a 3rd match. Hamill threw everything but the kitchen sink at BBT, and seemingly had the match won after a thunderous top rope elbow. However Hamill non chalantly covered Big Ben, and Ben reversed it, getting Hamill for the out of nowhere 1-2-3 pinfall. K.T. Hamill should know a 14 year veteran like Ben Thrasher knows it all in the ring and can turn the tide in an instant. Big Ben chalked up another victory in front of a jubilant Empire Arena. Hamill was incensed after the match, in disbelief after losing 3 in a row. Now the question is: When is Ben Thrasher going to get his Empire Title Match with Rufus Black?

The Illuminati's Brandon Collins faced Logan Alvey in another meeting of Johnny Viper's squad and their attempt to end Alvey's career. Logan Alvey was in no shape to wrestle, still badly favoring his already injured knee.

Accompanying Collins to the ring was Viper and Cyrus. And accompanying Alvey was The Wyld Stallyns. Corey Coxx and Chris Ganz attempted to enter the ring after Cyrus went after Alvey's knee from ringside. The Stallyns jumped to the ring apron and were sent to the locker room by Referee Jeff Morton. Viper and Cyrus were also soon sent to the locker room as Morton couldn't do his job effectively with Cyrus and Viper being a constant distraction. In the end, Brandon Collins was declared the winner after Logan Alvey couldn't stand and put weight on the knee.

The elated Illuminati were grinning like jackals at Logan Alvey post match as The Wyld Stallyns had to assist Alvey into the locker room. Johnny Viper is making it his personal mission to destroy Logan Alvey's young career, and loves the results so far. Don't count Logan Alvey out Viper, this young man has a lot of fight left in him!

At the beginning of the April 21st event, we learned that Jason Hampton had challenged Champion Rufus Black to a rematch. It was Main Event time and Hampton entered the Empire Arena to hopefully meet Rufus Black. It was not to happen. The Reverend came to ringside and explained that since Hampton had lost to Black April 14th, he wasn't worthy of a rematch and that he (The Reverend) had paid a lot of money for someone to come in to The Empire and take care of Hampton. It was Hampton's foe of old, "Hit For Hire" Bobby Moore. Moore and Hampton last met at the March 3rd "Tooth And Nail" Mega Event, with Jason Hampton getting the victory over "Hit For Hire".

Moore and Hampton were relentless as they clearly despise one aoother and in the end it was Bobby Moore getting the 1-2-3 victory over Jason Hampton. Moore didn't want to end with just a victory though. He brought a chair into the ring and was attempting to put Hampton on the injured list. When Moore wouldn't cease his savage attack, Drew Delight charged the ring, clobbering "Hit For Hire" and saving Jason Hampton. The last time Bobby Moore saw Drew Delight, Moore "pearl harbored" Drew Delight further injuring his left arm, and since then, we have not seen Drew Delight in Empire ring action.

The Empire saw that Drew Delight hasn't forgotten "Hit For Hire" Bobby Moore and I'm sure we will see Delight demand a faceoff with Bobby Moore!

Check back with us this week with more News From The Empire and information on our April 28th Event. Be a part of, and get conquered by The Empire!


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