Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quick Results for F.T.W 4-14-12 {Two Stars Injured}

1st Match: Kid Defeated Bad Brad 

2nd Match: Houston won back the I.I.H.C Title from Rockin Randy

Match 3: The Swag Boyz Defeated Justin Hell & Dallas

Match 4: Syn & Stunner {XOW} Won The Tag Team Titles from N.R.G's  America's Most Hated  Tj O'Riley & {Xtreme} Ricky Andrews With Lollipop, Mr. Everything Anton Leveigh & The 2011 Manager of The Year Jason 'The Brain" 
after the loss, Anton , Ricky And "The Brain" Dismissed Tj O'Riley out of N.R.G with a savage beating that left O'Riley Injured and unable to lift his neck and had to be help back to the back by security.

Match 5: Cordale {LiL Red} Defeated The Dirty LiL Gang in a Handicap match with a little help from The Swag Boyz. 

Match 6: Oz & LiL BiT won via DQ against Million Dollar Baby and Buckwheat with Lollipop and Jason"The Brain" When Juduz attack LiL Bit and severely injured her with a choke hold. LiL Bit was rushed to the ER but no new updates are available at this time. Sarge made a challenge to Juduz after his action but Juduz said he would only except if the Title was on the line, Sarge agreed and the Match started.

Match 7: Juduz vs Sarge O'Riley For The World Heavyweight Title
This was not a match at all! This was a fight! Sarge looked to have the advantage until one tiny mistake that Juduz  seen and locked in this new submission hold that took out LiL Bit. Sarge tried his best to fight it off but it was to late.
Winner and NEW Heavyweight Champion 

Keep Checking Wrestling News Center For updates on the injuries to Tj O'Riley and Lil Bit!  

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