Tuesday, April 24, 2012

News from NWA Smoky Mountain

NWA Returns to Morristown!
Former TNA Star, David Young returns on May 12
On May 12, NWA Smoky Mountain will be returning to Morristown, TN at the legendary Talley Ward Rec.
Our debut at the building in March was an incredible event and this event will be event bigger.
Not only will NWA Smoky Mountain TV Cameras be there, but May 12 will see the NWA Smoky Mountain return of Former TNA Wrestling star, David Young.
David is a former NWA Smoky Mountain Tag Team Champion along with Sigmon as The Diamonds in the Rough... David's opponent will be announced this week. So keep checking back to www.NWASmokyMountain.com for more info.
Tempers vs. Kincaid on May 5!
Title vs. Title at Collision Course 8 in Kingsport, TN!
As we announced over a month ago, NWA North American Champion, Shaun Tempers will be making his NWA Smoky Mountain debut on May 5 at Collision Course 8.
Over the weekend, Jason Kincaid stepped up and signed a contract to face Tempers. However, it will not just be the NWA North American Title on the line, Kincaid has offered to put his NWA Smoky Mountain Title on the line as well.
Jason Kincaid has been on a mission to prove that he isn't "just" a regional champion, but he is the best wrestler in the NWA. If Kincaid can take the title that represents "The Best Wrestler in North American" then he comes 1 giant step closer to validating his claim.

Who is The Disciple?
The Illuminati's Newest Member is Coming!
On the weekend of May 4 and 5, the Illuminati will debut their newest member. This man is simply known as "The Disciple". According to our sources, this man is a former CWA Champion and has a score to settle with Josh Crawford and company. On May 4th at the PWF event in Elizabethton, TN, the Disciple will debut as he teams with Chris Richards to take on Johnny Knieval and Josh Crawford. Then on May 5, at Collision Course 8, The Disciple will compete in singles action against Knieval.

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