Thursday, April 26, 2012

F.T.W quick results for 4-21-12

The show opened with Biscuit announcing that due to medical reasons he will have to retire from pro wrestling.

1st Match: The I.I.H.C Champion Houston Defeated Justin Hell

2nd Match: Dazzlin  Dixie beat Erick Hayes

3rd Match: The Kid won via DQ over Dirty LiL Dave
Juduz came out and attack The Kid and even Mad Money Mike's own son. putting him in his submission hold The Pearly Gates.

4th Match: Mark Justice & Oz beat Million Dollar Baby & Juduz with Jason"The Brain"
Jason cost Juduz the match by throwing the Champion a chain but leading him right into Mark Justice's Hard Justice.

Match 5: Was to find out who the #1 contenders for The World Tag Team Titles are.
 The Dirty LiL Gang With Dirty LiL Dave vs The Blood Red's vs N.R.G's Mr. Everything Anton Leveigh & "The Xtreme" Ricky Andrews with Jason "The Brain" and Lollipop. Great match that was fast paced from the opening bell. Near the end it looked like The Red's were gonna get the victory that is until Juduz hit the ring and destroyed Young Red with The 30 pieces of silver powerbomb. Ricky Andrews seen this and laid on top of Cordale for the win. After the match Juduz celebrated with Lollipop but suddenly things got serious and Juduz slapped on The Pearly Gates and choked Lollipop until the locker room emptied and ran Juduz off.

Come see what happen's to Juduz when The BOSS Billy Russ Makes his return to F.T.W!   

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