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Results from This Weeks F.T.W

Billy Russ opened the show with some big news. Juduz was told if he laid another hand on a fan or a women or kid. He will be FIRED! Also The Tag Titles were held up after SnS were unable to defend the belts. The match was made for the titles tonight between N.R.G and The Swag Boyz in Biscuit's last match. N.R.G came to the ring and agreed to the match but said they had a bigger announcement a video played with the newest member of N.R.G "The Human Highlight Reel' Austin Lane.  

1st Match:The Kid & Buckwheat defeat Dirty lil Dave &  Bad Brad

2nd Match: Justin Hell with Dallas beat Houston for the I.I.H.C Championship
        But the decision was reversed after the ref found a chain in Hell's tight's.
        So Still Champion HOUSTON

3rd Match: Erick "The Hardcore King" Hayes Defeated Dazzlin Dixie 
After Hayes got the win Dixie got the mic and challenged Hayes to a FLAMING TABLES MATCH next coming week!

4th Match: The Blood Red with Mr. Paradise defeated The Dirty LiL Gang with Dirty LiL Dave in a Losers Leave Town Match.

5th Match:OZ Beat N.R.G's Diva Million Dollar Baby with Jason"The Brain" and Candy by countout
M$B was injured her shoulder in the match and carried to the back by N.R.G. No news on how much time she will miss.

Match 6: Heavyweight Champion Juduz got the win over Mark Justice after Mad Money Mike turned his back on Mark, The Fans and His Family!
Main Event: The Swag Boyz  Defeated N.R.G's "America's Most Hated" Anton Mr. Everything Leveigh & "Xtreme" Ricky Andrews with Jason"The Brain" and Candy
 In the end of a AWESOME MATCH that will be a match of the year candidate! Biscuit held his chest,The match basically stopped as some of Biscuit's family tried to get in the ring, As Leveigh checked on Biscuit he rolled Anton up for the Victory and The Championships!


EPW Pictures From Saturday Night

TCW Wrestling TV

The latest edition of Traditional Championship Wrestling (TCW) TV is now available.

This show features the debut of former World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and American Wrestling Association (AWA) Ken Resnick as part of the TCW broadcast joining commentators Chris Cruise of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) fame and Brian Thompson as well as ring announcer Tom Simon.

TCW Junior Heavyweight Champion "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony defends his title against the man who recently stole the actual title belt - X-Cal.

"Boink" the Clown (aka "Maniac" Matt Borne in his latest clown incarnation) is in action and will be accompanied by his manager Boyd Bradford and partner in crime Killer Nikels.

Check it out here:

For more info on TCW, visit


EPW SUPERSHOW This Friday in Thrasher at the Thrasher High School Gym and Saturday At the EPW Arena in Booneville Ms.  "Wildfire" Tommy Rich, Boogie Woogie Boy Gary Valiant, "Dangerous Doug Gilbert and many many more. More details on this show throughout the week here at

WWE Extreme Rules Results


John Cena def. Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules Match)

The bell rang and the two collided in the immediate center of the ring, with Lesnar taking Cena down to the mat for a series of wounding blows to the skull. Blood flowed from Brock’s prey as WWE medical technicians tended to The Cenation Commander-in-Chief, who exploded back at his gloved enemy. Still, no haymaker or shoulder tackle could rattle Lesnar, a former Royal Rumble winner and King of the Ring, as he dismantled Cena.

The bloodied lip administered weeks ago by Brock was just a preview of the abuse Lesnar unfurled onto his denim-shorted rival. Systematically cruel, Brock channeled the skillset honed within the octagon by targeting Cena’s body and limbs. After working his left arm, the former mixed martial arts heavyweight hung his foe from the ringpost just above his hightops, while the blood kept pouring. Slowly, it appeared the demands by Lesnar were a mere three-count or submission away.

Toyed with by his much taller aggressor, Cena struggled to regain his footing and found himself countered at every turn, eventually caught in a crushing Kimura Lock atop the steel ringsteps tossed into the squared circle by Brock. Amused by the carnage, Lesnar made a crucial mistake, taking a high risk leap toward an apron-planted Cena. The bloodied Superstar was ready for Brock, who propelled directly into a steel chain-wrapped fist, which drew crimson fluid from Lesnar’s head.

Then, it was ultimately the move derived from Brock’s own F-5 roughly nine years ago – the Attitude Adjustment – that wrought an end to the mayhem. Hoisted upon the Cenation leader’s shoulders, Lesnar couldn’t escape the plummet onto the steel steps that followed and the resounding pinfall defeat at the hands of WWE’s square-jawed hero – a moment that actually brought even the staunchest anti-Cena crowd in the Windy City to its feet.

As the world witnessed, there was clearly nothing “running down his leg” like Lesnar teased. Rather, it was adrenaline running through Cena’s bruised body. In the sold-out scene of Chicago’s Allstate Arena, the resilient Cena felled the “wrecking machine” and took the first step toward rebuilding.

While the world waits to learn the fate of John Cena, who alluded to possibly “going away for a while” in the aftermath of the brawl on pay-per-view, the WWE Universe takes solace in knowing there will be no “new face of WWE.”

On the contrary, in the fallout of Extreme Rules 2012, the face of WWE still features a tightly formed salute below the brim of a bright green hat. For now.

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan (2-out-of-3 Falls Match)

From the opening bell of their earth-shattering World Heavyweight Title showdown, the first fall was all about absolute physical brutality – pitting The Great White’s unrelenting intensity against Bryan’s pure technical excellence.

With such a furious contest – filled with countless near falls – it was hard to imagine that its conclusion would only be the beginning. However, after Bryan injured Sheamus’ left arm, he smelled blood in the water. In his assault that followed, the challenger repeatedly kicked his prey. When he wouldn’t stop, the referee disqualified him, awarding The Celtic Warrior his first crucial win.

Daniel Bryan isn’t known as the submission specialist for nothing. Roaring back after losing the first fall of the match, the former champion immediately cinched in one of the most dangerous submission holds in WWE, the “Yes!” Lock.

Despite his injury, The Celtic Warrior would not go gently into the night. Caught in a trap of excruciating pain, the tough-as-nails World Heavyweight Champion still refused to tap. Instead, he would keep fighting until he passed out, giving the referee no choice but to award the second fall to the No. 1 contender.

Though Sheamus showed tremendous intestinal fortitude by refusing to tap out, he ultimately paid a huge price going into the third and final fall. Before things could continue, WWE medical personnel rushed to the ring to make sure he was able to keep going. The World Heavyweight Champion would again power through the pain, insisting that it was not over.

In the culmination of the back-and-forth onslaught that ensued, Sheamus delivered an earth-shattering Brogue Kick so daunting that it practically made Bryan’s body flip back 360 degrees in mid-air.

The Great White dropped down onto his adversary – picking up the three-count to end the incredible war that had just taken place – and cemented his Extreme triumph in heroic fashion.

WWE Champion CM Punk def. Chris Jericho (Chicago Street Fight)

At Extreme Rules, in front of a sold-out crowd that included his sister and other family members at ringside, Punk finally got an opportunity to destroy his most hated adversary once and for all. Fittingly, the two Superstars battled in WWE's second-ever Chicago Street Fight, a grueling contest where the only way to win was by pinfall or submission – with no count-outs and no disqualifications.

The last time Punk fought on a pay-per-view in his hometown of Chicago, he pulled off a remarkable upset over John Cena to capture his first WWE Championship. With that stunning win at Money in the Bank still fresh in the Chicagoans' minds, Punk was showered with deafening cheers at the Allstate Arena as he made his way down the entrance ramp to take on Jericho.

Wearing a T-shirt that proclaimed "Drug Free" on the front and "Poison Free" on the back, Punk wasted no time dishing out punishment by lashing his opponent with a kendo stick. Jericho weathered the initial attack and returned the favor while brawling with Punk on the outside. Tempers flared when Jericho taunted Punk's sister at ringside, a bold action that resulted in a slap across Jericho's face from Punk's sister as The Straight Edge Superstar flew into a rage.

After beating each other mercilessly with the tops of the announce tables, Jericho reached for a can of beer and drenched the WWE Champion. However, as with his previous attempts to embarrass Punk, it just added fuel to his competitive fire.

Punk rallied back and went for the Go To Sleep, but Jericho evaded the finishing move and slapped on the Walls of Jericho, which Punk then countered and nearly notched a pinfall. Further showing his resiliency, Jericho kicked out following Punk's big elbow drop from the top rope, and later slipped out of a second Go To Sleep attempt.

As Jericho locked Punk in the Walls of Jericho following a Codebreaker, The Straight Edge Superstar crawled to escape the hold, but under the rules of a Chicago Street Fight, he was unable to break the submission by grabbing the ropes. In an act of desperation, Punk reached under the ring and discovered a fire extinguisher, blasting his rival in the face to regain momentum in the match.

With a breathtaking leap to the outside, The Straight Edge Superstar drove his elbow into Jericho's chest, shattering the announce table. Even that devastating blow wasn't enough to keep Jericho down for good, as he escaped an Anaconda Vise attempt by whacking Punk repeatedly in the head with a kendo stick.

After Punk survived a Codebreaker onto a steel chair, Jericho tried to mock the WWE Champion with the Go To Sleep, holding up Punk above his shoulders while screaming "I am the best in the world!" The moment to gloat backfired, though, as Punk reversed it with a slingshot into the turnbuckle and followed with the Go To Sleep for the incredible victory.

At one point, it seemed like The Straight Edge Superstar would never shake the constant harassment from a rival intent on taking away his title. As The Second City Savior leapt into the crowd Sunday night and soaked in the ovation from his Chicago supporters, all of the ridicule and torment from Jericho appeared to be a distant memory.

Mind games couldn't break Punk; they only made him a stronger WWE Champion.

Cody Rhodes def. Intercontinental Champion Big Show (New Champion; Tables Match)

Less than one month after he put his best foot forward at WrestleMania, Big Show took one errant step that ultimately cost him his championship gold.

The title reign of The World’s Largest Athlete came to an abrupt end at Allstate Arena in Chicago on Sunday night as Cody Rhodes came away victorious from their Tables Match at WWE Extreme Rules to become the Intercontinental Champion for the second time. Big Show appeared in total control from the bout’s outset, but a timely dropkick by Rhodes caught the champion off-guard and sent the sizable Superstar reeling as his leg crashed through a ringside table for a shocking result.

Both competitors showed no difficulty in reigniting their heated rivalry despite being unaware of the Tables Match stipulation until the WWE Extreme Rules Pre-Show on John Laurinaitis, the General Manager of Raw and SmackDown, ordered that a spin of the wheel during the Pre-Show would determine how Big Show and Rhodes would contest the rematch from their Intercontinental Championship clash at WrestleMania XXVIII.

Though neither Superstar has competed in a Tables Match in recent memory, the stipulation initially appeared to favor The World’s Largest Athlete by virtue of his size advantage. For the technically-proficient Rhodes to win, he would somehow need to overcome his 441-pound opponent’s size advantage and put him through a wooden table.

Big Show seized early momentum with a series of blows and shoulder blocks that brutally wore down his rival’s resiliency. Rhodes audibly writhed in agony as The World’s Largest Athlete set up three different tables at ringside in hopes of bringing their bout to a quick end.

However, a momentary lapse in concentration by Big Show allowed the challenger to finally “poke the bear” in the spirit of his father, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. The younger Rhodes, who previously held the Intercontinental Title for 233 days, rose to his feet and executed a dropkick as the 7-foot champion casually extended his foot to climb back in the ring.

The attack sent Big Show’s right leg whirling around until the skyscraping Superstar attempted to regain his balance by stepping down to the ringside floor – and, unfortunately, through a table. WWE referee Justin King interpreted the course of events as being triggered by the challenger and signaled for the bell that would crown Rhodes as the new Intercontinental Champion.

Frustrated by the result, Big Show took his temper out on the new titleholder by putting him through two of the tables he’d previously set up during the match. It left him with a moral victory over his longtime rival, but also without the championship gold he’d attained only four weeks earlier.

With the win, Rhodes also added a notable milestone to the history of the Intercontinental Championship. Though the victory adds his name to the list of 69 past champions to have won the illustrious title multiple times, Rhodes becomes the first to have ever become the Intercontinental Champion by winning it in a Tables Match.

United States Champion Santino Marella def. The Miz

Layla def. Nikki Bella (New Divas Champion)

Randy Orton def. Kane (Falls Count Anywhere Match)

Ryback def. local athletes

Brodus Clay def. Dolph Ziggler


Scotty Riggs Tweets About Buff Bagwell's Health

: Raj Giri @

Scotty Riggs (@REALScottyRiggs), who once held the WCW Tag Team Championship with Buff Bagwell, sent us a tweet earlier tonight stating that he spoke with Bagwell today. According to Riggs, Bagwell is still in a bit of rough shape, but is out of the ICU and had successful surgery yesterday. Bagwell broke his neck in two places after suffering a car crash last Monday.

Credit: Raj Giri @

Details On Sunny Missing Three Consecutive Indy Shows

According to the official Facebook page of Big Time Wrestling, Tammy "Sunny" Sytch no-showed the promotion's Friday and Saturday shows in Maine. She also no-showed Live Pro Wrestling on Thursday after the promotion paid for her flight and half of her appearance fee. She was replaced by fellow WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas on all three shows.

"Thanks to all the fans who joined us in Saco and Presque Isle! We are very sorry that Tammy Sytch's personal demons prevented her from showing up to the towns. Mr. USA Tony Atlas was a class act as a replacement! We'll see you all again soon!" Big Time Wrestling stated Sunday afternoon in a message that was deleted hours later.

Sytch has no-showed several advertised appearances in the past year including four other bookings since March. She was recently scheduled to appear for American Icon Autographs at WrestleReunion in Toronto, Ontario but "personal issues" prevented her from appearing at the event. American Icon Autographs stated they have no intention on working with her again after having bailed on the organization a third time.

The WWE Hall of Famer has been battling health problems in recent months; she has stated multiple times on her personal Facebook page being sick and/or hospitalized. Sytch claimed Sunday evening on the social networking website that she suffered a concussion and a black eye after "taking a bad fall a week ago in the rain."

Credit: Daniel Pena @

Update on Sabu's Condition

As we reported last night, ECW legend Sabu was rushed to the hospital after he was found unresponsive in a hotel room, causing him to miss the Extreme Reunion event. is now reporting that Sabu checked himself out of the hospital this morning, and is telling those close to him that he is "fine."

Credit: Nick Paglino @

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The New Brain on Wrestling

Listen to the new Brain On Wrestling with a special guest Martin Casaus from WWE  Tough Enough.
Hear his thoughts on The winner of Tough Enough Andy Leavine, Luke Robinson,WWE, TNA and a possible season 2 of Tough Enough! at 6:30 pm Monday Night or checkout UMFANDJTB.PODBEAN.COM

The newest member of N.R.G

Scott Hall Legal Problems Mounting, Sued for Foreclosure

Wrestling legend Scott Hall is in trouble once again -- but it's not with the law (for a change) ... it's with his financier, who claims Hall defaulted on a mortgage and now owes him $75,000.

According to a lawsuit filed in Florida, Hall borrowed $75,000 to buy a house in Seminole County in June 2011. The lawsuit claims Hall missed his final balloon payment due last December and has flat out refused to pay it.

The docs say Hall -- who was arrested this month for allegedly beating his girlfriend -- is not even living in the home in question and it currently vacant.

The lender is looking to foreclose on the house and sell it ... and wants Hall to pay the difference (if there is one).

Hall's rep had no comment.

Credit TMZ

Wrestling Legend Sabu Rushed to the Hospital Before Event

Sabu -- a hardcore wrestling icon  -- was rushed to the hospital before a scheduled event tonight in Pennsylvania ... TMZ has learned.

Cops in Travose, PA tell TMZ they were dispatched to a hotel for a medical emergency, but wouldn't elaborate. The manager at the hotel where Sabu was staying tells TMZ the staff there felt the wrestler was intoxicated when paramedics were called.

A source close to Sabu tells TMZ he had been MIA all day and promoters for an ECW reunion event he was scheduled to appear at could not get in touch with him.

According to our source, Sabu had an allergic reaction to a medication he had been taking.

Sabu is one of the top-billed wrestlers at the Extreme Reunion tonight, but we're told he'll be a no-show.

Credit TMZ

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wrestling Manager "Honest" John's Memorial Video

Memorial slideshow for wrestling manager"Honest", "Little" John Kirkpatrick. Born June 23, 1955. Died April 16, 2012.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

EPW Pictures From Saturday Night

F.T.W quick results for 4-21-12

The show opened with Biscuit announcing that due to medical reasons he will have to retire from pro wrestling.

1st Match: The I.I.H.C Champion Houston Defeated Justin Hell

2nd Match: Dazzlin  Dixie beat Erick Hayes

3rd Match: The Kid won via DQ over Dirty LiL Dave
Juduz came out and attack The Kid and even Mad Money Mike's own son. putting him in his submission hold The Pearly Gates.

4th Match: Mark Justice & Oz beat Million Dollar Baby & Juduz with Jason"The Brain"
Jason cost Juduz the match by throwing the Champion a chain but leading him right into Mark Justice's Hard Justice.

Match 5: Was to find out who the #1 contenders for The World Tag Team Titles are.
 The Dirty LiL Gang With Dirty LiL Dave vs The Blood Red's vs N.R.G's Mr. Everything Anton Leveigh & "The Xtreme" Ricky Andrews with Jason "The Brain" and Lollipop. Great match that was fast paced from the opening bell. Near the end it looked like The Red's were gonna get the victory that is until Juduz hit the ring and destroyed Young Red with The 30 pieces of silver powerbomb. Ricky Andrews seen this and laid on top of Cordale for the win. After the match Juduz celebrated with Lollipop but suddenly things got serious and Juduz slapped on The Pearly Gates and choked Lollipop until the locker room emptied and ran Juduz off.

Come see what happen's to Juduz when The BOSS Billy Russ Makes his return to F.T.W!   

This week at F.T.W

Rey Mysterio Suspended for 60 days!

STAMFORD, Conn. – In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Oscar Gutierrez (Rey Mysterio) for 60 days effective Thursday, April 26 for his second violation of the company's policy.  

Former TNA Diva Simply Luscious Will Be In Tupelo At Fun World Friday!!

Simply Luscious will be at Fun World located at 314 South Green Street this Friday  between 12-3. Come by and meet Simply Luscious and have your picture taken with her. Also EVERYTHING in the store that day will be 50% OFF...EVERYTHING so be sure to come by and save $$$.  Simply Luscious will be at TFW in Skyline Saturday.


I just couldn't resist posting this - it has nothing to do with wrestling - but so true!


Great Championship Wrestling, 05/03/12, in Phenix City, AL

Press Release from the National Wrestling Alliance: Cabana vs. Pearce

From the National Wrestling Alliance:

TOKYO, Japan — April 24, 2012 — After taking a few days to fully digest the challenge issued by former four-time NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce, current two-time champion Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana has issued his response to Pearce’s call for a final Best-of-Seven series: “You want it, you got it!”

Cabana, currently on tour in Japan with Pro Wrestling NOAH, had some firm comments for his nemesis and former friend. “I think Adam Pearce is sick,” said Cabana. “He is obsessed with this vendetta, and now he’s taking it too far. But if he thinks putting his career on the line is going to change my outlook, he’s wrong. Sometimes a man has to lose everything to truly appreciate anything.” Cabana has twice defeated Pearce to take the legendary NWA championship and is the only man to pin Pearce when the title is at stake. “I’ve got nothing more to prove against Adam,” Cabana added. “I’ve beaten him twice for the ‘ten pounds of gold’, and I can do it again. He knows it; I know it; the wrestling world knows it. We could wrestle a hundred times, and a hundred times I win. I will beat him four-straight in this best-of-seven.”

Cabana also had a requirement of his own for this colossal war-ending series. “I know Adam better than anyone is the wrestling industry. He’s hurt; he’s desperate; he’s against the wall. And because of that I know he will literally do ANYTHING to hurt me. And I’m game, the fans know I’m game, and I know his mind. If he really wants to do this, it’s gotta be like this: Since each match is for the title, then each must have a SPECIAL STIPULATION. That way we’re both on level ground and we both have the same advantages. That way Pearce can’t sneak anything past anyone.”

Pearce, through his manager Stu Stone, immediately accepted this caveat without comment and the first series dates in this monumental NWA feud have been set!

Colt Cabana versus Adam Pearce

Seven Levels of Hate

For the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship

Stage One: May 13, 2012 – NWA Hollywood – Glendale, CA

Stage Two: June 8, 2012 – New England Championship Wrestling – Bridgewater, MA

Stage Three: July 7, 2012 – Steel Domain Wrestling – Hopkins, MN

Stage Four: July 21, 2012 – Metro Pro Wrestling – Kansas City, KS

Stage Five (if necessary): August 4, 2012 – NWA Legends Fanfest – Charlotte, NC

Stages Six and Seven, if they become necessary, will be announced as scheduled.

Ticket information, stipulation details, and more will be released as it becomes available.

Fusion Tradition Wrestling Fighting Spirit Tournament 6/2 in Algood, TN

This year's Fighting Spirit tournament will emanate from the Algood Middle School in Algood, TN June 2nd. This group of 24 is the largest field we have ever put together and it may have more talent than has ever been brought together in one night. Here are the 23 announced competitors:

Current Fusion Champion Chrisjen Hayme
Current Tradition Champion Caleb Courageous
Former Fusion Champion Ryan Jeffries
Former Fusion Champion Mary Kelly.
Former Tradition Champion Patrick Colvett
Jarek Tyler (AL)
Prada Hollister
Revick Hollister
Matt Fortune (IL)
Reed Bentley (IL)
Draven Lee
James Cole
Matt Cage (IL)
Christian Rose (IL)
Alex Castle (IL)
Anthony Wayne
Super Barney
Jon Murray (OH)
Clark Connor (OH)
Jerry Andrews (OH)
Ben Thrasher (GA)
Bryan Casey

The 24th spot will be determined at the beginning of the night by the Behind the 8-Ball Battle Royal. The first name announced is the Strong Style Psycho, TANK!

Tickets will be $9 at the door for the biggest tournament in the South!!!

The Official FTW Website

Credit: Mid-Southern Wrestling message board 

Training Clinic by Luke Gallows in Fort Valley, GA

Christian Premier Wrestling this Saturday, 04/28/12, in McDonough, GA at 8:25 PM 0 comments

WWE's current business model criticized

The Motley Fool is featuring an article criticizing WWE's current business model noting that despite the success of Wrestlemania 28, the company's stock price year-to-date is at the lowest levels since 2003.

"World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE:WWE) has been dropping consistently year-to-date. The company has recently reduced its dividend, and its stock price hasn't been this low since 2003. What is happening to the company? It is simple really and it has very little to do with what everyone believes - the lame storylines or John Cena. The past several years, people have been chanting for the Rock to come back along with other legends. Well he is back. So is Brock Lesnar. However, neither can help fix the broken business model that is now endangered in today's world.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, professional wrestling - although fake to some, produced very real results in pay-per-view buy rates. The stadiums are still sold out, but people are not spending the high prices to watch a three hour show on Sunday nights. One big change that has occurred is the internet. It would be naive to think that internet piracy only affects the music and movie industries. It has definitely affected professional wrestling and the business model that was the bread and butter to its profits for years.

Additionally, mixed martial arts and the UFC have taken market share away from the fans of professional wrestling. UFC has the edge because if people don't want to buy it at home, they can easily find a sports bar around that will show it for free (with the idea being you buy the beer and food at that establishment). I haven't seen a wrestling event shown in public in a long time. This hurts the bottom line of the WWE if you just think for a second of all the sports bars that are within a city and then multiply that around the country."


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tomorrow Night Memphis,TN

Buff Bagwell medical update

By Alexis Stevens
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Professional wrestler
Marcus "Buff" Bagwell
may have suffered a seizure
just before he was seriously injured
when he flipped his Jeep,
according to a police report
obtained by
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Bagwell remained in intensive care Wednesday
with several broken bones
in his neck,face and jaw
two days after the Cherokee County wreck,
Ron Gossett,
president of Universal Championship Wrestling,
told the AJC.

was northbound on Buckhead Crossing
around 1:35 p.m.
Monday when he called his wife to tell her
he was going to have a seizure,
the Woodstock police report states.

He then turned left
onto Running Deer Parkway,
where his 2005 Jeep Wrangler
hit the curb for several hundred feet,
according to police.

Investigators believe Bagwell,
who lives in Woodstock with his wife,
then made a sharp left turn
that caused his Jeep to spin
across the raised median and roll over,
police said.

Bagwell was transported by ambulance
to WellStar Kennestone Hospital,Marietta,
where he remains sedated
due to the extent of his injuries,
Gossett said Wednesday.

"Hopefully,he'll make a full recovery,"
Gossett said.

Bagwell opened his eyes briefly Wednesday
and has moved his hands and feet,
but the extent of his injuries
is still not known,
Gossett said.
The wrestler may undergo surgery
by the end of the week.

a Cobb County native,
attended Sprayberry High School
before his wrestling career began.
He is best known for his tenure
with World Championship Wrestling
from 1991 until 2001,
when he was a five-time
World Tag Team Champion.

Bagwell suffered a broken neck
wrestling in 1998
but was later able to return
to the ring
in less than a year.

Universal Championship Wrestling,
formed nine years ago,
is patterned after the old WCW,
Gossett said.
The UCW recently signed a deal
for television coverage on SportSouth,
he said.

"He's one of the main guys on our show,"
Gossett said of Bagwell.

Only family members are currently allowed
to visit Bagwell at the hospital,
Gossett said.
Fans,including other wrestlers,
used Twitter to send get-well messages.!/search/realtime/buffbagwell

By Alexis Stevens
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

WWE developing cruiserweight show (?)

Independent wrestler Steven Walters confirmed in an interview with The Chicago Fight Club that he was contacted by WWE for an upcoming Cruiserweight show being developed for the new WWE Network.

"I've been in contact back and forth from WWE about that Cruiserweight Show they're going to be putting on the network soon. They're looking for guys my size, around 200 pounds, like around five foot nine to six foot tall also. I've been going back and forth with them a few times about that. It wasn't long after I did that extra spot for them in December. I got hit with a chair. I got a chance to talk to Laurinaitis a little bit. I got a one on one meeting with him. That was one of the things he approached me about. I talked to them about three to four weeks ago. They had to push the debut of it back to later this year around November or so."

Source: via