Friday, March 23, 2012

PWO TV Episode #148 - Krimson vs. Bane II

PWO TV Episode #148 - Krimson vs. Bane II

Scheduled for this week’s broadcast…

Krimson vs. Jason Bane II
At Wrestlelution 4, both “The Embodiment of Evil” and “The Most Dominant Man” took each other to hell and back in a violent and bloody war surrounding the Championship. This week, their rivalry is revisited with a title shot at current champion Matt Cross at stake! There will be No Disqualifications and there can be only one winner! With Krimson’s Dead Wrestling Society already holding the other two titles, there is only one piece left to the puzzle. Can Krimson get through Bane to get another shot at total domination? Or can Bane persevere and earn a rematch against the man who dethroned him as champion?

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Gregory Iron
Two weeks ago, the sadistic Jacobs showed his face for the very first time, revealing himself as the man behind the ski mask who had spent months tormenting Johnny Gargano. Last week, we heard Jacobs tell a tale of heartbreak and bitterness that led to him resenting the accolades Gargano had gained while Jacobs was at his professional and personal lowest. Now, Jacobs is out to take all that Gargano has rightfully earned, and it starts with this match with the man who saved Gargano from a surely career-ending situation two weeks ago, Gregory Iron. Iron & Gargano have much mutual respect for one another, and Iron has chosen to fight for Gargano’s honor while Johnny recovers from a severe back injury, and injury that started with the original ski masked Jacobs attack a year ago. Can Iron gain revenge for Gargano or will Jimmy Jacobs’ message of hatred continue?

Johnny Gargano Responds
The attack by Jimmy Jacobs has caused countless months of mental, physical, and psychological strife. Johnny Gargano has lost career opportunities, money, and a lot of peace of mind thanks to the pain and torment from one Jimmy Jacobs. Now, for the first time since Jimmy revealed his identity… Johnny Gargano speaks!

Mr. RBI vs. Dan Arkham
In the conclusion of their best-of-three series, the Streetsboro native and would-be baseball star have their rubber match. Can Arkham get back to winning ways in front of friends and family or can RBI hit one out of the park?

Plus: Champion Matt Cross discusses his top contenders; Comments from TV Champion Gory and his top contender - Michael Façade and more!


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