Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Press Release from Platinum Championship Wrestling

From Platinum Championship Wrestling:

PCW's first show in Porterdale, Georgia as part of the St. Patrick's Day celebration was an unqualified success. It was a standing room only crowd of more than 250.

Platinum Championship Wrestling will have their next show in Porterdale on Saturday, April 7. Rumor has it that Porterdale will be a regular place for Platinum
Championship Wrestling shows. The EMPIRE itself has yet to respond to this, but one can rest assured that they will.

Fred Yehi was a substitution for Supernatural, who could not be at the event. Shane Marx and Yehi put on a 30-minute plus clinic of wrestling that wowed the crowd (and
all of the wrestlers).

In the impromptu lumberjack match for the PCW title (in response to a locker room clearing brawl, where Porterdale got a taste of the intense hatred between The
EMPIRE and PCW) a near riot erupted as The Jagged Edge and Trey Williams went toppling over a section of the crowd, and the audience (that had a visceral hate for
Marty Freeman) leapt up to attack Marty at another point when he struck Jon Williams with his cane.

Pandora had a busy night, as she wrestled another chapter in the brutal saga between she and Aesha, later saved Stephen Platinum from a Shane Marx piledriver, and
attacked Nina Monet to help Mason in his title match, leading to the locker room clearing brawl

Sylar Cross issued a body slam challenge to anyone in Porterdale. A number of Porterdale residents attempted unsuccessfully to slam the mammoth Cross. Jimmy
Lee (one of Jimmy Oxendine's ring crew) came the closest, leading to an impromptu match between the two. Cross went on to win that match, but Jimmy Lee gained a
measure of revenge by actually slamming Cross, and later ousting Cross to the thunderous cheers of the packed crowd to apparently win the Battle Royal...until Shane Marx slipped into the ring and backstabbed Jimmy Lee.

Porterdale also asked PCW to run a card on the 4th of July as part of the town's holiday celebration. This harkens back to Georgia Championship Wrestling and other
promotions that frequently ran cards in Porterdale.

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Since when is 250 people a success?