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NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling results from 3/25 in Warner Robins, GA

Attendance was in the mid 80’s at the start of the show. This event is extended to 3 hours to cover 3 television tapings.

Officer Chris Jacobs defeated Tommy Daniels via pin fall

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Jacobs comes out to a big pop. The two shake hands to start the match, but get some boring chants from a few members of the crowd early on after a lock-up goes into the turnbuckle and ending with a clean break. The crowd gets back into the match soon after as the slams and submissions make their way into the mix. As things start to die down in the crowd, Daniels beckons the crowd to make some more noise. Jacobs picks up the win with a knee to the face of Daniels. The crowd had a short pop when Jacobs won, but just didn’t seem too interested in the match itself.

“The One and Only” J-Rod & Frankie Valentine defeated “The Real Deal” Jake Slater & “WildChild” Joey Kidman via pin fall

Referee: Stan Robinson

The match starts with conflicting “Wild Child” and “Frankie” chants. The crowd is much more vocal in this match, having 4 competitors who are good with getting reactions, whether good or bad. Frankie and Kidman start off at a frantic pace leading to J-Rod and Valentine holding an early advantage. After taking a bit of a beating, Slater comes back and he and Kidman show some impressive double-team work on Valentine. Charlie Cash quietly comes out to the ring with the Judge and seemingly scouts Kidman and Slater as they gain control of the match. Kidman and Slater seem to get more aggressive from this point on, completely dominating and isolating Valentine from his partner with J-Rod looking on anxiously. J-Rod hot tags in and starts clearing house, and Cash and Judge promptly head back up the ramp from this point. Slater and Kidman come back and Frankie enters the fray illegally to even the odds. Some impressive teamwork from Valentine and J-Rod lead to Kidman finding himself alone in the ring taking a knee from both men with J-Rod picking up the pin.

AJ Steele defeated Leon McMichaels via pin fall

Referee: Dustin Robinson

AJ comes out demanding Murder One, but Leon is who he gets. The crowd expects a squash match, and from the start that’s what seems to happen. It doesn’t take long before AJ plants him and picks up the pin.

defeated Tyrone Ice via pin fall

Another opponent comes out to take on AJ, but doesn’t get any better treatment from the furious AJ Steele as he gets destroyed on the outside of the ring. Ice tries to fight back but AJ dusts off the blows like nothing before planting him and picking up another victory. AJ then says he’ll go drag Murder out to the ring if he’s not going to answer the challenge.

Sal Rinauro comes out to commentary.

NWA RPW Television Title Match

Drew Adler (C) defeated “Adorable” Anthony Andrews (w/ “Marvelous” Michael Stevens) via pin fall

Referee: Stan Robinson

Adler gets a huge pop coming into his first title defense. The match starts off with some good chaining, leading to an advantage on Adler’s part. When Adler tries to chase Andrews with a suicide flip to the outside, Marv and Andrews both avoid being hit and Adler finds himself on the defensive. After repeated kick outs from Adler, Andrews gets frustrated. Adler starts fighting back and makes a series of pin attempts of his own every chance he got. After avoiding a top rope dive from Adler, Andrews seems to be in the clear, but Adler pushes him into Marv then rolls him up for the win. Marv comes in after the match and the two attack Adler. Sal comes off commentary for the save but is laid out with a jar shot from Andrews. J-Rod and Valentine come out to finally end the chaos.

KC McKnight defeated “Untouchable” Jeremy Vain (w/ Manager Charlie Cash) via pin fall

Referee: Dustin Robinson

“You Tapped Out” chants erupt from the crowd at the site of Vain. McKnight offers a handshake at the start of the match, but Vain refuses. KC shows some serious power when a shoulder tackle throws Vain off his feet, with Vain looking astonished. KC plays well to the crowd for his RPW debut. Vain gets in KC’s face telling him that he’s “the man around here” and pushes him, only to find himself back on the mat. Whenever Vain manages to get ahead in the match, we start seeing some of that aggression that’s been becoming common for him, but KC makes it very difficult for Vain to hold any extended advantage. KC picks up the win with a double-underhook suplex pin. This was a very impressive match and debut. Vain and Cash decided to argue with referee Dustin Robinson over the decision, but he told them it was indeed a 3 count and Cash and Vain get shouted out of the ring by a “1-2-3” chant from the crowd.

Sal Rinauro joins Bill Behrens again on commentary.

“The One and Only” J-Rod & Frankie Valentine defeated BFF (“Marvelous” Michael Stevens & “Adorable” Anthony Andrews) via pin fall

Referee: Stan Robinson

Valentine and Andrews start the match. J-Rod spends the his time on the apron making jokes about the orientation of BFF, but early on makes things tough on Frankie by trying to come in the ring to stop BFF from cheating and promptly being stopped by the ref. J-Rod and Valentine answer with some shenanigans of their own, getting the fans involved by having an octopus stretch from Valentine holding onto J-Rod for leverage, with J-Rod outside of the ring holding onto the front row fans. The referee couldn’t seem to hold a straight face after seeing what happened. With the ref’s back turned, Marv throws some powder into Frankie’s eyes to gain the advantage, with the ref somehow not questioning the reason there’s powder in the ring. Frankie takes punishment from BFF for a while, not being able to see which corner he’s going to so he can tag out. Having seen enough, J-Rod rushes into the ring to attack Marv to give Valentine a chance, but the ref cuts him off quickly and BFF goes back to controlling the match. Valentine finally makes it to his own corner and J-Rod hot tags in, with him fighting off both members of BFF. Frankie gets a powerade bottle and washes his eyes out with it (yes powerade, not water). From here J-Rod and Valentine go to work on BFF, but eventually BFF takes control. Valentine lands a falling knee face buster on Andrews and J-Rod wraps it up with the superman knee. Valentine picks up the pin, though J-Rod was the legal man.

NWA RPW Television Title Match

Drew Adler (C) vs “The Human Hand-Grenade” Dany Only via pin fall

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Only gets in a few good shots on Adler, but finds himself hiding in the ropes when Adler goes to retaliate. The crowd is fairly quiet through this match, likely from being winded down from the last match or from the crowd not being too familiar with Only, who never wrestled as a single’s competitor in Rampage and hasn’t been seen for a long while. Charlie Cash comes out with Judge when Only starts taking advantage, making this his second appearance of the night in a match he’s not involved with. It’s interesting to note that both matches thus far featured competitors who featured former Cash Vault members (the earlier one being Jake Slater and this one Dany Only). The crowd starts getting excited when Adler finally starts regaining the advantage, with constant pin attempts being made. Adler gets the win after landing the wind-up slam.

6-Man Tag Match with Rampage Rules

Jacob Ashworth & Anthony Henry & The Ninja defeated Jimmy Rave Approved(“Do or Die” Chip Day & Corey Hollis & Mike Posey) via pin fall

Referee: Stan Robinson

The match starts with a frantic pace with Posey and Henry going at each other. Posey gets an early “You Tapped Out” chant then tags Hollis in. Approved still doesn’t seem to be on the same page, with Posey and Day criticizing Hollis on his attire and ring work. Hollis tags Chip Day in, who doesn’t fair well with Ashworth and rolls out to have Posey take his place. Hollis shows no concern for Chip or Mike from the apron. Posey and Day seem to be working on the same page with a common irritation for Hollis. Ashworth comes in and all 3 Approved members tried to ambush him. After gaining the advantage, Hollis gets into an argument with Hollis and Posey, leading to Ashworth driving them out of the ring leaving just Hollis. After everyone goes to the outside, Ninja slides in and plays possum. The 3 Approved members decided to move in. Hollis pushes Posey and Day, telling them to get to the top ropes. As they go to the turnbuckles, Ninja rolls Hollis up for the win. After the match, Ninja unmasks and ends up being Jimmy Rave, who just looks at the trio in anger then leaves. The 3 argue ultimately leading to Hollis walking off.

NWA RPW Tag Team Title Match

The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams & Trey Williams) defeated Cash Vault(Rob Adonis & “Hit For Hire” Bobby Moore)(w/ Manager Charlie Cash)(C) via Disqualification (Cash Vault Retains)

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Bullets come out to a huge ovation from the crowd, with Vault coming out to “Barney” chants. Bobby tries to get an early cheap shot but Bullets drop him fast, but Adonis comes in to clothesline both and Moore gets up to work on an early advantage. Trey and Moore start the match off officially, with Bullets holding an early advantage with some very impressive teamwork on isolating Bobby Moore away from the Cash Vault’s corner. Cash Vault takes over with Adonis making his way into the ring, and they spend their time keeping Jon away from his corner while using some behind-the-ref tactics. After delivering a kick to Moore, Jon makes his way to the corner. Moore gets the attention of the ref and manages to hold it until after a tag is made by Bullets, then promptly complains that Trey is entering “illegally”. The ref, not seeing the tag, forces Jon back into the ring and Trey finds himself back in the corner as Cash Vault continues to wear down an exhausted Jon. Trey hot tags in, and both members of Cash Vault come at him with Moore being legal. Jon and Adonis fight on the outside for a bit with Trey and Moore having a fast-paced match in the ring. Everyone gets into the ring and it takes both the Bullets to get Adonis back out. Just when they seem to have the match in the bag with the wheelbarrow/boot combo, Adonis pulls Moore out of the ring to prevent the pin fall. Cash Vault’s German Suplex/big boot combo comes in and as they go to pin Trey, Jon comes in for the save. After this, Cash Vault has exhausted all of their resources and decided to DQ themselves by attacking the Bullets with the Tag Team belts.

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