Wednesday, March 28, 2012

AIWF Intense (formerly Intense Pro Wrestling) results from 3/23 in Amory, MS

If You were not there, you missed a HUGE announcement.... IPW is no more.... It is now AIWF... Allied Independent Wrestling Federation... Simply known as the Intense Wrestling Brand.

Studd Scott Porteau was striped of the IPW Championship, but was awarded the new Intense Wrestling Championship.

Dadirtyone Terrell Moore was fired as Commish.

Tony Dabbs was named the new #1 contender by temporary Commish Vysion.

Match results;

"The Future" Chris Styles was defeated by new comer Jerry Adams.

DC Daniel Cross defeated "The Show" Chris Adams.

Ron Horn defeated Nick Grymes.

Bain, Chazz Stone, and BoneCrusher defeated "The Future" Chris Styles, Justin Rhodes, and Chris Fontain, known as "The P.H.A.T. Foundation.

"The Memphis Mauler" Nathan Lawler and "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs wrestled with no winner being announced due to DC chasing Lawler out of the building and The HGH attacking Tony Dabbs in the ring.

Aiwf Intense will start running on Thursdays at Goodtime Charlie's in Tupelo, MS on April 5th.

Next shows in Amory are April 7th & 20th, and The Anniversary Show April 28th.

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