Thursday, March 22, 2012

Absolute Intense Wrestling 4/6 in Cleveland, OH

April 2012 marks another big month for Absolute Intense Wrestling as we present not one, but TWO exciting events in the span of 9 days. The first of these big shows takes place on Friday night April 6 with "Straight Outta Compton", as AIW once again returns to the famous Turners Hall, located at 7325 Guthrie Ave, corner of Guthrie and W. 73rd, in Cleveland, OH. The line-up for this show is as follows:

Compton Street Fight: Flexor Industries (Chest Flexor, Bobby Beverly and The Chad) vs. Johnny Gargano, Tim Donst and BJ Whitmer- Straight Outta Compton will be headlined by a huge six-man tag street fight that is months in the making. Flexor Industries has caused nothing but trouble and chaos ever since forming in AIW, and as seen at last December's Nightmare Before X-Mas 5 event, AIW officials and roster members have had enough of their actions and has taken a stand against them. Next month three of the top AIW competitors will form a trio and attempt to put an end to Flexor Industries, that being Tim Donst, BJ Whitmer, and returning from a career threatening injury, Johnny Gargano. Question is, will the trio be able to co-exist during the match, as last we saw of Johnny he made a shocking return at Gauntlet for the Gold, winning the gauntlet match by last eliminating Tim Donst, who surely was not pleased by what transpired. Donst and Gargano already has had problems with each other prior to the gauntlet. Now they will have to do whatever it takes for them to work together cohesively in order to end the reign of Flexor Industries in AIW.

30 Minute Ironman Match: AR Fox vs. Uhaa Nation- Straight Outta Compton will mark the 2nd ever 30 minute ironman match in AIW history, as two men who are certainly no strangers to each other go at it for 30 minutes in the ring. Ever since stepping foot in the company, both AR Fox and Uhaa Nation have had not one, but two phenomenal matches against each other. Fox picked up the first win at They Live when both competitors debuted. Fans of AIW not only wanted to see both men back in the company, but demanded a rematch between the two take place immediately, and AIW delivered with that rematch at Hell on Earth 7, but this time Uhaa was able to capture a victory. Now tied with one win a piece, both men wanted one more chance to step foot in the ring with each other, but this time it will be a 30 minute ironman match. For 30 straight minutes, both men will do all they can to gain a pinfall or submission decision, and at the end of that 30 minutes the competitor with the most decisions will win the contest. At Straight Outta Compton, we will find out who will walk away the victor in this spectacular series, and surely the winner will continue to elevate their careers in AIW.

AIW Tag Team Title Match: Youthanazia (Josh Prohibition and Matt Cross) vs. Irish Airbourne- History was made last month in Gauntlet for the Gold 7, but not in the way anyone was expecting. The Irish Airbourne had just picked up a victory over Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett, earning an immediate tag team title shot against then champs Aeroform. However before they could get their shot, they were attacked behind by said champs, making them incapable on going after the titles that night. AIW President Matt Wadsworth was not going to take these actions lightly, and made a hasty decision and sent out the team of Josh Prohibition and Matt Cross, collectively known as Youthanazia, to take on Aeroform for the tag belts. Prohibition and Cross was able to take advantage of this opportunity, and were able to capture the AIW Tag Team Titles off of Aeroform. Now at Straight Outta Compton, Irish Airbourne get their rightly deserved tag team title shot, but this time against the new champions Youthanazia.

Four-Way Match: Eric Ryan vs. ACH vs. Sugar Dunkerton vs. Gary Jay- All four men in this match have something to prove to themselves and to the fans of AIW. Eric Ryan has been a man on a mission, that mission being to gain a shot at the AIW Absolute Championship, and has picked up victory after victory ever since returning to action back last June, and now is looking to continue his winning ways. ACH was involved in a four-way elimination match back at Gauntlet for the Gold 7, and while he was once again very impressive in the ring, was not able to gain a victory, and will now step back into the ring with 3 new competitors and look for a win. Sugar Dunkerton makes his long-awaited return to AIW, as he was last seen winning a number-one contenders match for the Intense title against Sonjay Dutt and Kyle O'Reilly back at They Live. Now making his return to AIW, Sugar is looking to gain momentum as he is looking to the future at an Intense title shot. Gary Jay is known for regularly teaming up with fellow St Louis based competitors the Submission Squad, but now is looking to break out as a singles athlete here in AIW, and a win in this match would surely make him standout in AIW as a legitimate singles athlete.

Grudge Match: The Duke vs. Jock Sampson- Ever since making his debut for AIW, Jock Sampson has done anything and everything he can to make The Duke's life a living hell. Back at Nightmare Before X-Mas 5, The Duke was able to secure a victory over Jock, but was immediately followed by a vicious beating from Sampson, who claimed Duke should have been disqualified for throwing him over the top rope as Sampson considers himself strictly an old-school competitor. Last month at Gauntlet for the Gold 7, Sampson and Duke drew numbers 1 and 2 respectively, and fought for a while until Duke eventually eliminated Sampson. Later on, Sampson had a part in helping eliminating Duke from the match, and again viciously attacked him on the outside. These two behemoths now will step into the ring once again next month, as this feud is not about wins and losses anymore, but about inflicting as much damage to each other as they humanly can.

Other matches signed for Straight Outta Compton include:
- Michael "The Bomber" Facade vs. Colin Delaney
-Submission Squad (Evan Gelistico and Pierre Abernathy) vs. The Sex Bob-Bombs (Mat Fitchett and Davey Vega)
-Rickey Shane Page in action
-Beyond Wrestling showcase match

Tickets for the show are only 15 dollars, and can be purchased right now at, with online purchases admitted first.

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