Sunday, February 5, 2012

What Happen To "The Jerry Lawler Show"??

Commercials starring Jerry Lawler aired all week long on WHBQ-TV My Fox Memphis pushing "The Jerry Lawler Show" the show was also listed on the guide station starting at 6 AM this Sunday morning. The show never aired but had Paid Programming instead of Jerry's show.

I called WHBQ-TV and they told me that the Jerry Lawler Show was pulled because they had to have written permission to use some the copyrighted material that was on that particular show, but the show should start airing next week. Should be interesting to see if it airs next week.

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Anonymous said...

I had my dvr record the "paid programming" this morning just in case it was on, but it wasn't. I did a search for the show and it shows that it will come on next Sunday, Feb 12. But I guess WHBQ will have the final call...