Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PWO TV #145 - Six Man Tag Explosion

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Scheduled for this week’s broadcast…

Six Man Tag: Dead Wrestling Society vs. Jason Bane/Gregory Iron/Michael Façade
The DWS, Krimson, Gory & Kirst continue to terrorize PWO on all levels, including their recent capture of the PWO Tag Team Titles and injury to Flip Kendrick. Three of the men most affected by their destruction - “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron (who had to watch his best friend’s career ended), Michael Façade (who has been deprived of the PWO TV Title many claim rightfully should be his) and Jason Bane (who went to hell and back to battle Krimson last summer, and has been stalked by Krimson ever since) are joining forces for one monumental six man tag team encounter! Can Bane, Façade and Iron shift the momentum back away from Krimson and his demonic disciples?

Johnny Gargano vs. Bobby Beverly
A few weeks ago, Beverly returned after several weeks in exile, helping Bobby Shields pin Gargano. Beverly would later claim he was on a mission to seek out Sex Appeal’s missing piece to their puzzle. Speculation swirls that this “piece” is actually the man behind the ski mask who attacked Gargano last year. Will Gargano be able to beat the identity of that man out of Beverly? Will the man in the ski mask himself be present? Can Gargano rebound from his loss and come one step closer to the truth?

Marion Fontaine To Confront Justin LaBar
As we went off the air a week ago, Justin LaBar had assumed role of referee for the Matt Cross/Marion Fontaine PWO Title Match after the original referee had been hurt. Justin counted Fontaine’s shoulders to the mat, however, it appeared Fontaine’s foot was under the bottom rope. This should have stopped the count, though it did not. Was it a bad call? Or was it sabotage? We’re not sure, but word has it Marion Fontaine, who is not scheduled, intends to show up and find answers himself! Will we find out Justin LaBar’s motives once and for all?

Krimson Responds To Matt Mason
Following Krimson’s injury inflicted to Flip Kendrick, we saw Matt Mason make his very first appearance in PWO. Since then, we’ve learned Mason to be Krimson’s former best friend, prior to being called “Krimson”. Matt has stated the negativity and evil has consumed his former friend and he’ll stop at nothing to exorcise that evil for the good of everyone around him. Mason is a great athlete, a family man, and a promising competitor, but is he ready for Krimson? It has seemed that Krimson has shown restraint so far, holding his minions back from pounding on his one-time pal. Will this continue? Krimson addresses the matter this week.

“Mr RBI” Izeah Bonds vs. Dan Arkham
After Arkham defeated Bonds in Bonds’ PWO debut, the would-be baseball star has demanded a rematch. Can the 270-pounder end Arkham’s win streak or will the Streetsboro hero add another notch to his belt?

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