Friday, February 24, 2012

Pro Wrestling Ego "No Love Lost" results from 2/11 in Bay Springs, MS

"The Renegade" Joey Abel def. "Nightmare" Lukas Frost due to interference by his tag partner Jay Andrews

The "Hornstar" Ron Horn came out with his 'reluctant" tag partner Jeremy accompanied by Miss Jenna & issued a challenge to anyone who thought they were tough enough to take them on. "Simply Amazing" Curt Matthews & "The Prodigy" New Age Messiah Nick Mason accepted for a bout later that evening.

Our second bout saw Jay Andrews defeating DeWayne Dalton due to interference by Joey Abel. Lukas Frost ran in for the save & he and Dalton issued a challenge to take on the Fanatics (Andrews & Abel).

"Supernatural" Aaron Hart comes out & starts smacktalking "The Wiggins Axe Murderer" Wade Garrett. Tries to declare himself a winner because he says Garrett has No-Showed.

Finally Garrett comes out of the crowd & surprises Hart who promptly vacates the ring & heads to the back to get his head together for the main event of the night Wade Garrett vs. Aaron Hart

Third match featured Barry Wolf vs Bulldog.... Barry Wolf won by using that old trick of a foot on the rope during the pin fall & won the Pro Wrestling Ego Pure Title.

Time for our fourth match of the night: "Simply Amazing" Curt Matthews & "The Prodigy" Nick Mason vs. Jeremy Awesome w/Jenna & "The Hornstar" Ron Horn. Horn turned on Jeremy & he & Matthews celebrated what they thought would be a victory via Mason pinning Awesome but things backfired. Your winners and still the reluctant tag champs Jeremy Awesome & Ron Horn.

Lukas Frost & Dewayne Dalton def. The Fanatics (Abel & Andrews) in a match that had action all over the place....Kudos to both teams, Job well done

Main Event time: "Supernatural" Aaron Hart vs "The Wiggins Axe Murderer" Wade Garrett: This was an outstanding matchup - you could say it's new school vs old school as Garrett is a throwback to the glory days of wrestling, when it was "wrestling" & not "sports entertainment". This match ended with Hart just walking out of the arena realizing on this night new school couldn't handle the old school. Your winner by count out is Wade Garrett.

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