Monday, February 20, 2012

PowerPro Wrestling Results 2-18-11


Show had approximately 86 people at last count.

Great show with a full crowd for the buildings size. Loud and into the matches. Photos from the show will be below the results.

1st Match: #1 Contender Tournament
Alan Steel vs Greg King
Winner Alan Steel with the help of Killer Nikels. Botch at the end. A catapult launch sends Steel into the air and almost lands on top of King. Rank 3/5

2nd Match: #1 Contender Tournament
Killer Nikels vs Brian Christopher
Winner Brian Christopher via help from Greg King. Ive always been a fan of Nikels. Rank 3/5

3rd Match: Tag Team Match
Dan Matthews/Maxx Corbin with Gary White/Kid Thunder vs Bill Dundee/Chris O'Neal
Winners Dundee and O'Neal with Randy Hales with a pin on Kid Thunder. Neither were legal men but won the match. Left me at a loss for words. Kid Thunder unmasked at the end by Hales. I didn't understand the finish at all. Rank 2/5

4th Match: Tournament Finale
Alan Steel vs Brian Christopher
Winner: Alan Steel Great match as well. Both guys did incredibly well considering they worked already. Rank 3/5

5th Match: Main Event for PPW Title Loser Leaves Town
Justin Smart vs Austin Lane(c)
Winner: Lane by submission. These guys won Match of the Year for 2010. They put on an excellent match for the main event. They did a little too much but not a lot to complain about. I didn't like the idea of a stipulation on the title match. I believe the title should have enough luster to draw without a stipulation added. Rank 4/5










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