Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NWA ProSouth Wrestling GOLD RUSH 2012 Results

ProSouth Arena
Piedmont, Alabama

Over a hundred rowdy fans packed into the NWA ProSouth Arena to see who would be the first-ever Gold Rush Challenge winner and earn a title shot anytime, anywhere!

Commissioner Terry Batey announced to the live crowd that Gene Jackson had been suspended by NWA Representative Brice Anderson and that Brice Anderson would be returning to ProSouth to make an announcement about the status of Gene Jackson next week! Terry Batey also announced that all Gold Rush would have NO outside interference or the interfering parties would be fired immediately!

Match #1: Gold Rush Qualifying Match - 1/2 of the NWA ProSouth Tag Team Champions "The Prodigy" Daniel Alexander versus D2daC
Alexander brought his now trademark chair to the ring with him. D2daC was on the attack early, but Alexander gained a tainted advantage! Alexander grabbed the Tag Team Title as a decoy and when referee Jeremy Black took the title from Alexander, he grabbed his steel chair and aimed for the head of D2daC! D2daC ducked out of the way, the chair bounced off the ropes and into the face of Daniel Alexander! One Superman Splash later and D2daC had his hand raised in victory!

Match #2: Gold Rush Qualifying Match - 1/2 of the NWA ProSouth Tag Team Champions Big Tomb versus "The Last Hero" Ace Haven
Haven used his superior speed to gain the offensive edge, but Tomb's power allowed him to take over! After four Polish Hammers didn't knock down the big man, Haven went to the top rope to deliver one last Polish Hammer, but Tomb caught him by the throat and gave him a colossal choke slam! Haven rolled to the outside to recover and Tomb went to Chocolate Avalanche him into the ring post! Haven moved out of the way and rolled back inside the ring to win the match via count out! Big Tomb has still yet to be pinned of submitted!

Match #3: Gold Rush Qualifying Match - Brandon Collum versus Frankie "So Fine" Valentine
Valentine seemed to be in control for the duration of this match until some less than honorable officiating from Toby Romine shifted the tide in Collum's favor! Collum and Romine reached a disagreement however that allowed Valentine to rally a comeback! Collum countered Frankie's finisher and planted him with the DDT for the 1, 2, 3! Collum had nothing to say post-match but pointed to the Redemption banner hanging from the rafters!

Match #4: NWA ProSouth Heavyweight Championship - Dakota Outlaw versus Champion "Future Classic" Tyler Gage
Outlaw quickly went to work on the damaged ribs of Tyler Gage, inflicting as much damage as he could with forearms and bear hugs! Anytime Gage was able to mount some offense, Outlaw went back to the bear hug in a strategy that appeared to be working! Outlaw finally planted the champion with the Black Hole Slam, but Gage kicked out at 2! Gage hit a Spinebuster out of desperation, but it was obvious he didn't get to put the needed force into it to defeat Outlaw as the challenger kicked out at 2! Gage went for a Figure Four Leglock but was pushed into the referee! Daniel Alexander ran to the ring and went to swing his chair at Gage, the lights went down and Collum had blocked the chair shot! As Collum backed Alexander through the curtains, Outlaw charged at Gage with the title belt in his hands, Gage ducked and planted Outlaw with a second Spinebuster! With no referee to count the pin, Gage grabbed the title belt and planned to strike Outlaw with it! Ace Haven ran to the ring and told Gage to win the match the RIGHT way, that Total Justice wouldn't take part in this! As they struggled over the belt, Gage won the tug-of-war and the belt flew backwards smacking Outlaw in the face! As this happened, Haven planted Outlaw with the Ace Crusher! Referee Earl Davidson saw this and called for the bell! Outlaw wins via Disqualification but the title cannot change hands that way! Post-match Gage and Haven had words but seemed to have left the ring under positive terms.

Match #5: Gold Rush Challenge 2012 - D2daC versus "The Last Hero" Ace Haven versus Brandon Collum
After a brief intermission, it was main event time! Collum took the advantage early, but fell victim to teamwork from D2daC and Ace Haven! Collum ultimately tossed D2daC ribs first into the ring post and the battle with perennial rival Ace Haven began! After a short back and forth, Collum knocked Haven to the floor with a nasty kick to the back! A series of near falls between Collum & D2daC followed, that ultimately ended with Collum attempting a suicide dive onto Ace Haven, but Haven countered with a Super Kick to the face of Collum! Collum fell back into the ring and was greeted with a Superman Splash from D2daC! However D2daC had been beaten to the point, he could not make the pin! Ace Haven slid in and decimated D2daC with a vicious piledriver for the victory! Post-match, Tyler Gage came to the ring and had words again with Haven that ending with them shaking hands, apparently setting up a title match for Redemption on March 23rd!

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