Wednesday, February 29, 2012

IPW results from 2/24 in Amory, MS

The show started with General Manager Dirty reminding everyone what happened on February 4th. He said that instead of Parental Advisory facing Double D that he gave them the night off and he brought a new tag-team to faces them. He also said he will put Tony Dabbs to shame and the new IPW Champion is here.

Nathan def Curly Moe

Chris Adams def. DC via DQ after Curly Moe interfered. Then Nathan Lawler came out and all started brawling and the General Manager Dirty set a tag match up later, Curly Moe and DC vs. Chris Adams and Nathan Lawler.

Chris Styles def. Nick Grimes

Curly Moe and DC def. Chris Adams and Nathan Lawler


Parental Advisory (Studd Scott Porteau and Tony Dabbs) vs P.H.A.T Foundation (Justin Rhodes and Chris Fountaine) with General standing by watching the match. The PHAT Foundation took control of the match early by keeping Tony Dabbs in their corner. In the end Tony Dabbs finally was able to make the tag to Studd and PHAT quickly ran out the ring. Tony and Studd both were telling PHAT Foundation to get in the ring but they didn't. Dirty comes closer to the ring and shows the IPW Championship to Tony and Studd. Tony then turns around and looks at Studd and when he does Studd put Tony Dabbs on fire and walks to Dirty and Dirty hands him the belt as the show is over with.

What will happen next? IPW Wrestling returns to action March 3rd at the Amory Community Center. Will Studd explain why he turned his back on his "best friends" and aligned himself with Dirty. Also, Neil "Real Deal" Taylor and Vision will take on Gene Jackson and Fate in a mixed-tag match. Bell time 8:00 P.M. Admisission $6, kids 4 and under free.

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