Monday, February 20, 2012

F.T.W Quick Results for 2-18-12

1st Match: Loose Cannon with Jason The Brain Defeated LiL Red with Big Red via DQ.
The Kid made his return from injury and attacked Cannon.

2nd Match :Buckwheat Beat Juduz with help from special ref "Superman" Jason Reed
After the match Juduz handcuffed Reed to the ropes and then beat the snot out of Buckwheat until Sarge O'Riley and Mark Justice ran the Big man away.

3rd Match: I.I.H.C Heavyweight Champion Houston Got a good win over the new look Erick(DO YOU KNOW WHO MY DADDY IS) Hayes

4th Match: Mark Justice was supposed to defend his Hardcore Title against Bad Brad but before the match Mark showed a video where N.R.G see a great opportunity with the new 24/7 rules for the title. While Justice was sleeping "The Brain" Placed New N.R.G member Katie on Mark's chest and got the 1-2-3 and Won the Hardcore Title. BB still wanted his match with Justice is this match where the fans bring the weapons. In the end Jay Blaze jumped the ring from the crowd and attacked both men and leaving them laying.

5th Match: The Tag Champions The Asylum and Xtreme Champion Biscuit Defeated N.R.G's Mr.Everything Anton Leveigh and America's Most Hated (TJ O'Riley & Ricky Andrews) with Jason The Brain, Million Dollar Baby and Lollipop. In a crazy brawl, Biscuit leaped off Pyscho and onto Anton for the victory.After the match N.R.G attacked the Winners and gave the Champs a direct message that N.R.G wants there belts back.

Main Event Saw LiL BiT & Sarge O'Riley win there Titles back by Defeating N.R.G's Jeremy Moore & Million Dollar Baby. The match had a lot of excitement and the hardest SLAP I have ever seen. this match was filled with controversy as LiL BiT was not the legal person in the match but did gt the pin fall win. Copies of this match was sent to Billy Russ and The Tennessee State Athletic Commission for review. N.R.G offices were told they will have a answer for this issue by THIS SATURDAY!   

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