Sunday, February 19, 2012

EPW results from Saturday night in Booneville, MS

PHAT Foundation (Chris Fontaine & The Trainee) defeated Cassanova Kid, Buzz Harley, & Chazz Stone in a handicap tag team match. Soultaker interfered, enabling PHAT Foundation to win the match.

Another episode of the Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock Show was filmed. Hollywood's guest was Raja, and what Hollywood did to Raja was beyond belief. I will say nothing more about that, since I am sure it will air on this site shortly. Well, I will say one word - DISGUSTING! Warning, not for the weak hearted!

Bonecrusher defeated Corey "The Brute" Force w/Hollywood Jimmy. Hollywood brought Force in to try to collect the $25.000 bounty on Bonecrusher, but Force could not get the job done.

Cassanova Kid over Soultaker w/Hollywood Jimmy by DQ. Cassanova had been injured in the opening match when Soultaker interfered. Cassanova challenged Soultaker to this match in spite of the fact that he was already injured. It was obvious from the beginning that Soultaker and Hollywood intended to seriously injure Cassanova. Soultaker was disqualified when Hollywood interfered, but that did not stop Soultaker and Hollywood, who kept right on beating Cassanova, trying to break his shoulder. Finally Bonecrusher's wife jumped the rail and entered the ring and began hitting Hollywood, who knocked her down. They were about to start in on her when Bonecrusher entered the ring with a taser and Soultaker and Hollywood ran for their lives. Cassanova was helped to the back with an obviously injured shoulder.

Bonecrusher was beyond angry and challenged Soultaker to a match at the upcoming EPW Super Show on March 3rd.

Next EPW event is this Saturday night, 2/25, at the EPW Arena on Highway 145 in Booneville, MS. Bell time is 8:00 p.m. Things are really heating up in EPW. After Hollywood's treatment of Raja during the filming of the Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock Show, what is Raja's condition? What will Hollywood do next? Can he possibly stoop any lower? What is Cassanova Kid's condition after the vicious beating he received at the hands of the Hollywood Clique? Edith and Tim are still at each other's throats over control of EPW. What is Edith going to do about Tim trying to take over? What will Bonecrusher do about Hollywood knocking his wife down? The answers to these and other questions can be found at the EPW show this Saturday night in Booneville.

Remember, you never know who will show up or what will happen at EPW, so DON'T MISS IT!

Upcoming EPW events:

March 3, 2012: EPW Super Show. The card will include Bonecrusher vs. Soultaker. More to be announced later.

March 9, 2012: EPW "Night of Pain" at Tishomingo County High School. See previous post for the card.

March 10, 2012: Fan's lumberjack strap match - Superstar Bill Dundee & Dangerous Doug Gilbert vs. 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler).

Don't miss any of these EPW events!

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