Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wrestling results from the State of Illinois

United Wrestling Coalition results from Georgetown, IL on 1/21 --

*Jason Vendetta d. Blake Steel
*Jimmy Karryt d. DaCobra
*Travis Weir d. Cole James
*Dead Sexy - Jeff Harris & Aaron Matthews d. The Bandana Mafia - Pierre Abernathy & Davey Vega
*Blake Reed d. Cash Bordin
*AC Hardie d. Mat Fitchett
*TK Hammer d. D'Andre King
*Jason Vendetta d. Jimmy Karryt to win the vacant UWC Heavyweight title

New Midwest Wrestling results from Springfield, IL on 1/21 --

*Michael Flannery pinned Dan the Man
*NMW Tag Champs Attitude Inc. pinned The Dudesons
*NMW CI Champ Tony G pinned Truk Thompson
*Perry Winkle pinned Derek Moss
*Scott Keyes pinned Eric Logan
*Randy Ray & Dixieland Destroyer pinned Mississippi Madman (handicap)
*Christian Rose & Joey O'Riley pinned The Kentucky Buffet
*Bucky Collins pinned Jon Magnus
*Tyler Priegel pinned Ryan Phoenix & Tom Arson to win the NMW Heavyweight Title (triple, hardcore rules)

Holy Havoc Championship Wrestling results from Lincoln, IL on 1/20

*HHCW US Champ Johanthan Napier pinned Big Pappa
*HHCW US Tag Champs Robbie McCann & Scapel pinned Ray Rodgers & Dark Angel
*Temple Rain pinned Conner Riley
*Antony "Synn" Craig & Kakideo The Clown pinned Chip Conway & Billy Reno to win the HHCW 'World' Titles
*Jonathan Scott pinned Drew Stevens (formerly Petey Clark)
*The Love Machines pinned The Prophet & Anonymous
*Joey Grunge pinned Gavin Alexander
*HHCW Heavyweight Champ Pretty Boy Floyd beat Brian Ealey 2-1 falls
*Rex Gill beat The Beast in a barbed wire ropes match

IWA Unlimited results from Olney, IL on 1/18 & 1/22

Results from 1-18

*Alex Castle d. Ninja Fishi
*Matt Cage d. AT Brooks
*Jason Vendetta d. Cash Bordin
*Tony G d. Blake Reed
*Matt Maverick fought The Intimidator to a no contest
*IWAU Heavyweight Champ Joey O'Riley d. Travis Weir
*Cash Bordin won a battle royal

Results from 1/22

*AT Brooks d. Dalton Diamond
*Matt Cage d. Kyle Sykes
*IWAU Heavyweight Champ Joey O'Riley beat Zack Sawyer by DQ
*"The Intimidator" Josh Totten & Brandon Walker d. IWAU Club Champ Ray Leigh & Doomsday

Illinois Championship Alliance Wrestling results from Anna, IL on 1/21 --

*Dante Ember d. Dalton Diamond
*LVK fought Zack Sawyer to a no contest
*Farmer Billy Hills & Cousin Ray d. Nik Steel & Slick Chris
*Kyles Sykes d. Playboy Paul Rose
*Twinkee Starr & The Golddigger d. Lexxi Love & Nicholette
*Mekka Nyne d. David Kovacs
*ICAW Heavyweight Champ Christopher Jade d. Kaleb Blaque
*Tony Flood, AT Brooks & Zack Sawyer d. Mike Slade, Kyle Sykes & Dalton Diamond

Credit: http://stlwrestling.livejournal.com/

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