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Vince Hates Us All Vol. 8 - 2012 So Far......

(The views expressed in this column do not reflect those of "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock nor any of the other writers here at Wrestling News They are those of Gene Jackson and Gene Jackson only.....others may agree in private but wouldn't dare post it in public for others to read and call them out on)

So, this is gonna be one of those "random thoughts" columns where I just write about a number of different things I've got going on...I'll get back to writing about specific topics but for this once indulge me by reading one about me....(In the next column I will discuss my trip to see Mick Foley's comedy show in Birmingham and the similarities of breaking into stand up to breaking into wrestling).

I'm having a lot of fun these days as a Manager in NWA ProSouth guiding my EPIC Alliance of Brian Alexander, "The Prodigy" Daniel Alexander, Big Tomb, and The Dakota Outlaw.  The Piedmont crowd is a unique one to say the least and to say they HATE me would be an understatement.  However, no matter how much I enjoy managing it seems I can't manage to stay out of the ring as I've somehow talked myself into getting back in the ring as an actual wrestler not once but TWICE this weekend.  First one will be Friday night at ProSouth as I've issued an open challenge to "Southern Stud" Waylon Rhodes to face me in Piedmont, Alabama.  The next night I will be taking on Neil 'the Real Deal' Taylor in a match at I.P.W. in Amory, MS. at the East Amory Community Center.  Saturday night Neil was my guest on the first ever edition of "EPIC Encounter with Gene Jackson", when things got heated over what I felt was a slight being omitted from his Bio at (go check out the site and tell him you're OUTRAGED about it! lol) Anyways, things got out of hand and now I find myself scheduled to wrestle my old friend Neil one on one this Saturday night in Amory.....Neil promises that he is bringing a "blast from my past" with him this Saturday...not sure what that means but it should be interesting.

ProSouth is really starting to heat up these days and has one of the most professionally ran shows in the southeast, not to mention one of the nicest facilities I've ever worked in.  ProSouth is currently in a transition stage and is looking to make some changes and bring in some new talent now and then, so if your a wrestler who has something to bring to the table....a good look, well trained, strong gimmick...and your looking to work somewhere me at and I'll see if I can put you in touch with the bookers of ProSouth to talk some business.

Speaking of I.P.W. earlier.....I had a great time at the show in Amory this past Saturday and it was great seeing all my friends there that I haven't seen in a while. One of the guys on the show that I haven't seen in years was Derrick King.  Something that really stood out to me that I really don't see a lot of but really wished I did see more of , was Derrick watching all the guy's matches then pulling them aside afterwards and telling them what went right with the match, and what went wrong.  I saw Derrick do this with several wrestlers, a couple of referees, and even the ring announcer.  I can honestly say that I really respect D.K. for doing this....Lord knows he doesn't have to, he was just booked to wrestle on the show but it's great to see someone who rather than just bitching about the young guys or cutting a "shoot promo" on them after his match, actually taking the time to talk to them and try to TEACH them how to get better at what they do.  Not a lot of people do that anymore.....they just sit in the corner and make snide remarks about them or go post on a message board about it but Derrick is actually using what he's learned in his now at least 15 years in the wrestling business to help improve it and I sincerely applaude him for doing would be great if more guys cared enough to do that.  Now, whether the guys listened or not, or fix the things he talked to them about remains to be seen but at least he can say that he tried and that the show is now better for him having been there.....if your a worker....think about the last show you worked....Can you honestly say you did ANYTHING positive to improve it?  I'm not knocking you if you didn't (cause I'm guilty of not doing it myself most of the time) but we should all consider what we can do next time to be able to say that we did......just a thought anyway.

Something that I see on most indy shows these days that drives me crazy....and again most of them do it so I'm not picking on anyone in particular is how so many of the wrestlers just roam around the building before and during the show.  I've heard this preached for years and it's certainly true....if the fans have seen you roaming around all night long...coming in and out of the building....stood behind you in line to get a hot dog, stood out front and smoked a cigarette with you, sat next to you in the crowd for a while....why should they give a s*** when you make your grand entrance to wrestle??  If you went to a WWE show and CM Punk was sitting two seats behind you talking to his neighbor or coming in and out of the building all night past everyone, don't you think it would take away some of his mystique when he came out for the main event??  Just my opinion, and that of my wife and several other people I've taken to wrestling matches in the past few years.  Again, not picking on any one show because it happens at most but presentation is a big part of the deal when it comes to wrestling and for me at least it just seems to take away from the feeling that the wrestlers are somehow "stars" intermission is different or if your working a gimmick table before the show but just hanging out "humanizes" you to the rest of the audience.  So...there's my two cents on that....take it for what it's worth.

Before I go, I want to say thank you to all the people who have been downloading the new Wrestling News Center Podcast.  It's a different type of interview concept than Cheap Heat Radio was and the feedback I've been getting has all been positive and everyone seems to like the more laid back "conversation like" interviews rather than the more formal ones of the past.  I apologize for not getting one recorded at either show I was on this weekend but I will try my best to get at least one recorded this weekend while on the road.  I will be doing one soon with Derrick King as he said he has some things he wants to say about his love for pro wrestling, so I will be getting that arranged soon.  If you haven't heard the show yet, or if perhaps you've missed one check out all the shows at  If you enjoy the show, please share a link to the page on Facebook or Twitter and tell your friends (even your enemies) about it!

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