Monday, January 23, 2012

TWA Action Zone's "Revenge" results from 1/21 in Dalton, GA

- from TWA Action Zone

Southern Title Match
“Star Quality” Josh Vaughn retained the Southern Title after he pinned Toy Dodson. Toy was first awarded the match then as the Ref raised his hand a chain he used fell out. The ref re started the match and after a few moments of action Josh Vaughn hit the Star Qualified for the win.

Going for the Gold Gauntlet Match
Wandy da Wrestler started the gauntlet with “The Future” Wil Force after a hard hitting match Wandy picked up the victory. Out next was the masked cruiser weight Ricochet, Wandy finished him off with a belly to belly suplex. Third out was the big and powerful new comer Spades, after the first two hard fought battles Spades hard hitting style proved too much for Wandy to overcome and Spades finished him off with a black hole slam. Out last was the little ball of energy Tiffany and some quick offense Spades put her away with the black hole slam to win a future title shot.

Semi Finals for the Action Zone Tag Title Tournament
Honor&Respect and The Mixed Ones put on a classic tag team showcase as both teams showed how come the tag division at TWA is one of the strongest in the area. The end came as all 4 men ended up in the ring fighting and The Mixed Ones go to shot Honor&Respect into each other and are reversed instead and Honor&Respect double school boyed them for the victory and a spot in the finals of the tournament.

Tag Team Match
The Playmakers continue their climb back to tag team greatness as they defeated the young team of Wandy da Wrestler and Jam Styles. The match had a lot of action and the fluid motion of the Playmakers showed why they are always a force to be reckoned with in tag team action.

Semi Finals for the Action Zone Tag Title Tournament
HCP 2.0 came to the ring first and were informed that their opponents for the evening BCX could not compete due to illness and that they were receiving a bye into the finals. Honor&Respect’s music hits and out comes “The One” Joey Idol and “Simply Amazing” Alex Summers, they challenge HCP 2.0 for the finals right now, Board of Director member Gene Johnson comes out and makes the match for right now.

Finals for the Action Zone Tag Titles
HCP 2.0 and Honor&Respect wrestled a very physical match but Honor&Respect were still feeling the effects of the earlier match with the Mixed Ones combined with the outside interference of “The Future” Wil Force lead to HCP 2.0 getting the win and becoming the new Action Zone Tag Team Champions.

Action Zone Title Match Baton on a Pole/No Holds Barred Match
This very violent matchup between Da Bill and “Lion Heart” Ray Fury has been building for the past two months and this match was everything we thought it would be. But after some very close calls in the match Ray Fury was able to counter the DVD into an arm bar and with the help of the baton make Da Bill tap out for the victory. After the match wrestlers came out of the back to celebrate the victory with Ray Fury in the ring.

Revenge was an action filled show with a lot of surprises and twists that has set the tone for 2012 at the all new TWA Action Zone!

Every Saturday night 2500 Reed Rd. Dalton GA 30721


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