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NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling results from 1/22 in Warner Robins, GA

- from Daniel Lee Lumm

The turnout is impressive for the event, attendance in the mid to high 90s when 3pm rolls around and more walking in afterwards. Officer Chris Jacobs is out interacting with the fans leading up to the show, conversing and signing autographs.

Rob Adonis (w/ Charlie Cash) vs Jacob Ashworth

Referee: Stan Robinson

Adonis starts off showing his superior size over Ashworth. Not too long into the match Adonis seems to have it won, but continously picks Ashworth up out of pins as to not finish him off too soon, much to the enjoyment of Manager Charlie Cash. When Ashworth finally gains a little momentum, he’s quickly laid out with a devastating Spinbuster and Adonis picks up the win.

Rob Adonis wins via pinfall

CB Gibson comes out to help Ashworth after the match but is also laid out by Adonis. Adonis and Cash celebrate briefly and leave.

Cru Jones vs Anthony Henry

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Cru starts the match using his strength to gain the advantage, and promptly showing off his physique afterwards. Henry tries to keep Cru grounded with holds to keep an advantage. The action spills to the outside with Henry trying to vault over the top rope with a crossbody, but Cru catches him and throws him against the apron. Cru gets a humorous reaction from the crowd after saying Henry was trying to make him look back on TV. A lot of back and forth happens and it looks like it could be anybody’s game, but Cru pulls the win with a Pumphandle Fallaway Slam.

Cru Jones wins via pinfall

Officer Chris Jacobs vs The Ninja

Referee: Stan Robinson

The match starts with a lot of back and forth showcasing some nice athleticism. The fans are behind Jacobs constantly beckoning him to take Ninja’s mask off. Jacobs picks up the win with a running knee.

Officer Chris Jacobs win via pinfall

6-Man Tag Team Match with Rampage Rules

Corey Hollis & Patrick Bentley & “Do Or Die” Chip Day vs Anthony Henry & CB Gibson & Jacob Ashworth

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Ashworth shows an advantage over the Approved members early on with his size. The patch picks up in pace dramatically after Anthony Henry is tagged in. Approved take control of the match and show how well accustomed they are to 6-Man tag matches as well as clever use of the Rampage Rules, with CB being isolated from his corner. Ashworth hot tags in (with Gibson rolling out) and starts taking control. It quickly turns into everyone storming into the ring. Approved shows the superior teaming ability by isolating each member of the opposing team and finishing off with Jacob Ashworth, using their triple top rope finish.

Corey Hollis & Patrick Bentley & “Do or Die” Chip Day

It’s noteworthy that Sal Rinauro comes out and joins Bill Behrens on commentary between matches.

BFF (“Marvelous” Michael Stevens & “Adorable” Anthony Andrews) vs The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams & Trey Williams)

Referee: Stan Robinson

The fans quickly show support for the Washington Bullets, and only get louder after some humorous double teaming tactics. The match steers from comedy to pure athleticism and the Washington Bullets do not disappoint their unfamiliar crowd. The tide turns when Marv helps Andrews isolate Jon in the ring. Trey hot tags in and takes on both Marv and Andrews. The Bullets take the match by first taking out Andrews with a Wheelburrow and Leg Lariot combination then taking Marv out with a Wheelburrow Legscissors and Shining Wizard.

Washington Bullets win via pinfall

Shaun Banks vs J-Rod

Referee: Dustin Robinson

The match starts with a fair amount of back and forth with comic relief from Banks. The fans are behind J-Rod as he gains the advantage of the match. Banks ends up using a series of illegal chokes holds using the ropes, ring apron, and even his scarf to a point that Referee Dustin Robinson seemed to be getting impatient and actually snatched the scarf and threw it from the ring. Cru Jones comes to the ring to show some moral support for Banks, but quickly becomes a distraction for J-Rod. J-Rod manages to pin Banks after a knee just to be attacked by Cru after the match.

J-Rod wins via pinfall

The Washington Bullets rush at the ring to make the save. Cru and Banks end up leaving, Banks hiding behind the Rampage Pro Wrestling banner on the way out. The Washington Bullets stay to celebrate with J-Rod.

NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling Television Title Match

Patrick Bentley vs Frankie Valentine (C)

Referee: Stan Robinson

The match starts off with some good athleticism from both competitors, ultimately culminating into an advantage for Valentine. Valentine holds the advantage with a series of submissions working down the left arm of Bentley. Bentley gains advantage and starts working down Valentine with submissions and takedowns, stopping numerous potential comebacks in their tracks. The match ends with Approved rushing out and attacking Valentine. The Washington Bullets come out to make the save and Referee Dustin Robinson informed Miss Allie that they will have a 6-Man Tag Team Match.

6-Man Tag

Washington Bullets & Frankie Valentine vs Jimmy Rave Approved

Referee: Dustin Robinson

Bullets and Valentine start with the advantage with them isolating Chip Day in the ring. The Bullets show some impressive tag team tactics early on, showcasing again why they’re Georgia’s number 1 tag team. After Valentine is tagged in, Approved briefly gains advantage, which ends with Valentine getting Trey back in the ring. It’s slightly ironic that Approved gains advantage yet again once Valentine becomes the legal man, but this time they successfully isolate him away from his corner. The fans continuously show support for Frankie and just as he seems to start gaining momentum, he’s quickly shut down by Approved. Valentine fights out and hot tags in Jon. The match quickly turns into an all-out brawl between Approved, Valentine, and the Bullets. In the end, the Bullets and Valentine pick up the win with the Wheelburrow Legscissors and Shining Wizard combo on Chip Day.

The Washington Bullets & Frankie Valentine win via pinfall

After the match, Hot Like Lava comes out to cut a promo against the Washington Bullets and goes on to say that the Bullets aren’t on their level with a series of insults. They are interrupted by Doc Gayton who goes on to say that the Bullets can take on Hot Like Lava and goes on to say that they will be having a tag team match against each other on February 12th.

“Marvelous” Michael Stevens (w/ Anthony Andrews) vs Drew Adler

Referee: Stan Robinson

The match starts with Adler getting his hands on Marv’s boas and Andrews’s headband. When they go on to demonstrate how to properly show off their attire, Adler capitalizes on knocking Andrews to the giard rail and quickly starting the match with the advantage over the marvelous one. Andrews doesn’t hesitate to attacking Adler behind a distracted ref when able. Right as Adler is about to pick up a victory, Andrews attacks him to warrant a disqualification.

Drew Adler wins via disqualification

Almost immediately after the match ends Sal Rinauro rushes in and the 4 start a tag team match by the demand of the crowd.

Sal Rinauro & Drew Adler vs BFF (“Marvelous” Michael Stevens & “Adorable” Anthony Andrews)

Referee: Stan Robinson

The match starts aggressive with Sal and Adler holding the early advantage. Sal has a comical and somewhat insulting (for the opponents) offense that does well to entertain the crowd. BFF eventually takes over and isolates Sal from Adler. Adler blind tags in to take advantage for his team. As everything starts to become less chaotic, Referee Stan Robinson gets on to Sal to get out of the ring since he’s the illegal man and Andrews, using the distracted ref, hits Adler with a bucket. Sal pushes the ref aside to come to Adler’s aid and the referee disqualifies him.

BFF wins via disqualification.

Kyle Matthews and the Usual Suspects (Murder One & AJ Steele) defeated Rob Adonis, Jeremy Vain, and Mikael Judas (who turned on them) who were accompanied by Manager Charlie Cash.


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