Sunday, January 22, 2012

NWA ProSouth Wrestling Results from Piedmont, Alabama on 1/20/12

Gene Jackson came out to mock Mark Grason, who he, Outlaw, and Tomb, had sent home in an ambulance last week! Jackson also had two e-mails, one from Terry Batey and the other from NWA representative Brice Anderson. Terry Batey had attempted to get the leader of the EPIC Alliance fired and he succeeded! Much to the dismay of the Piedmont crowd, the NWA considered "Epic" Grant Mitchell as the leader of the EPIC Alliance, not Gene Jackson. "Future Classic" Tyler Gage & "Awesome" Scott Spade came out and Gage started that after talking to Terry Batey, their main event tag match was now for the NWA ProSouth Tag Team Titles and that it would start RIGHT NOW!

Match #1: NWA ProSouth Tag Team Champions "The Prodigy" Daniel Alexander retained their titles against ProSouth Heavyweight Champion "Future Classic" Tyler Gage & "Awesome" Scott Spade
The match started out with a shocking amount of teamwork between Gage & Spade, however Tomb & Daniel managed to isolate Spade and work on his injured left leg. Spade finally made the tag and Gage came in to clean house. A short series of moves later, Spade nailed Daniel Alexander with the Copenhagen Kick and pinned him for the 1-2-3! We have NEW NWA ProSouth Tag Team Champions! As the new champs celebrated, referee Toby Romine walked over and put Daniel's foot on the bottom rope, then informed the new champs that the match had to be restarted due to that fact! Tomb knocked Gage off the apron into the barricade and lifted Spade into the air! Daniel flew through the air connecting with a brutal clothesline to complete the Doomsday Device and pick up the pin!

Post-match however Tomb & Daniel weren't done, they flew Spade into the barricade, Tomb gave him a Chocolate Avalanche, and Daniel hit him with the Sidewinder on the floor of the arena. Spade was carried out by referees and looked to be injured.

Match #2: The undefeated Dakota Outlaw w/Gene Jackson destroyed newcomer Eli Daniels
Newcomer Eli Daniels looked to make an insta-name for himself here in NWA ProSouth by defeating the undefeated Dakota Outlaw! Stiff kicks and a fiery heart gave Eli an early advantage but a missed moonsault finished the rookie off as Outlaw decimated him with the Black Hole Slam immediately afterwards! The undefeated streak of Gene Jackson's Dakota Outlaw continues!

Match #3: Frankie "So Fine" Valentine got the victory in an incredible match with "Independent Standout" Jeremy Flynt
This match was very important for both men, this was Valentine's second match back, and it was Flynt's first match at NWA ProSouth in almost two years! Both men wanted a win desperately here and you could tell! Determination would decide the winner in this battle! Valentine countered Flynt and planted him with his finishing Codebreaker variation!

Gene Jackson came to the ring and called out Terry Batey! Terry Batey came to the ring and it was time to answer the challenge! After a little bit of verbal warfare, Terry Batey agreed to the challenge on the conditions that if Dakota Outlaw lost, Gene Jackson would surrender the briefcase! Jackson wanted to know who Terry Batey's mystery man would be, but Terry Batey, with a sly smirk, told Jackson that he would have to wait until next week!

Main Event: Total Justice ("Future Classic" Tyler Gage, "The Last Hero" Ace Haven, & "Stinger" Shawn Seagle) defeated The EPIC Alliance (Dakota Outlaw, "The Prodigy" Daniel Alexander, & Big Tomb)
Total Justice hit the ring with angry in their eyes over the injury of Scott Spade! As the six men brawled in the ring, the Alliance eventually decided to take a walk and that it was better to live to fight another day, however they were met with dives from each member of Total Justice! As Ace Haven & Tyler Gage rolled back into the ring, they realized that their referee for the match was the traitor, Toby Romine! Romine was crushed with a Russian Leg Sweep/STO combo and a new referee was sent to the ring! The Alliance started pounding on Shawn Seagle until Seagle managed to duck away from Daniel Alexander and make the tag to Ace Haven! Ace came in, leveling Daniel with a series of moves before being attacked by Big Tomb behind the referee's back! The Alliance now took their time working over "The Last Hero"! Ace finally hit his Corkscrew Senton on Daniel, buying himself some time to recover and make the tag to Tyler Gage! Gage came in, nailing Big Tomb with vicious strikes but a countered crossbody left Gage backfirst on the mat! Seagle broke up the pin and chaos ensued! Total Justice picked up the win with a tag combo from Ace Haven & Tyler Gage!

Post-match, Brian Alexander attacked Tyler Gage and leveled him with a Powerbomb! The lights went out, and Brandon Collum was in the ring! Collum destroyed everybody in his path before Brian threw a Clothesline, Collum ducked and Brian was met with a Spinbuster from Tyler Gage! For the first time in months, Total Justice was left standing in the ring and the EPIC Alliance was the ones left on the ground!


- Brian Alexander & Tyler Gage pick each other's opponents for Pick Your Poison match-ups!

- Kyle Matthews & Mike Posey pick each other's opponents for Pick Your Poison match-ups!

- Terry Batey announces his mystery wrestler to face Dakota Outlaw at Valentine's Day Massacre 4!

- Terry Batey has a HUGE announcement regarding the NWA ProSouth Tag Team Championship!

- And so much more from Bama's Best! The World is Watching!

DON'T FORGET! Valentine's Day Massacre 4 on February 10th!

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