Monday, January 30, 2012

NWA ProSouth Pick Your Poison Results from 1/27/12 in Piedmont, Alabama

Over 100 rowdy fans packed into the ProSouth Arena for another exciting night of wrestling action for Bama's Best!

Match #1: Brian Alexander "The Great" defeated Frankie "So Fine" Valentine in the first of three Pick Your Poison match-ups!
~ Brian Alexander went on the attack early against Tyler Gage's selection, Frankie Valentine! Valentine wanted to prove himself against the former ProSouth Heavyweight Champion but was ultimately bested by Alexander The Great! Alexander looks primed and ready for his Casket Match with Tyler Gage at Valentine's Day Massacre!

Match #2: Dakota Outlaw w/Gene Jackson defeated "Stinger" Shawn Seagle!
~ Seagle, knowing he was overpowered, went on the offense quickly, hitting Outlaw with as many strikes as he could! Seagle managed to wear the big man down with his speed but a mistimed springboard allowed Outlaw to plant him with the Black Hole Slam and continue his undefeated streak! Can anybody stop Dakota Outlaw?

Match #3: "The Last Hero" Ace Haven defeated Kyle Matthews by Disqualification in the second of three Pick Your Poison match-ups!
~ Prior to his match, Matthews grabbed the house mic and explained that Posey wasn't here. Matthews also told the crowd that he could beat Posey in an arm wrestling match, a dance-off, with one arm tied behind his back or even a leg tied behind his back! Posey had selected Ace Haven via fax for this match. The two competitors swapped holds, with Matthews getting the better of Ace, until Ace caught Matthews with a headscissors sending him to the floor! Daniel Alexander & Big Tomb attacked Ace for the DQ!

Commissioner Terry Batey came out and decided that since Daniel & Tomb wanted to be involved so bad, that he was making an impromptu tag match RIGHT NOW!

Match #4: Kyle Matthews & Ace Haven defeated "The Prodigy" Daniel Alexander & Big Tomb in a nontitle match!
~ Matthews and Ace worked surprisingly well considering they just wrestled each other, easily outmatching Daniel Alexander! Ace went up for his Rebound Corskscrew Senton but Daniel had it scouted and moved out of the way! Ace eventually made the tag to Matthews, who came in and cleaned house! As Kyle & Tomb brawled on the outside attracting the attention of referee Jeremy Black, Shawn Seagle hit the ring and hit a combo move with Ace onto Daniel Alexander, allowing Kyle & Ace to pick up the win!

Commissioner Terry Batey announced that the ProSouth Tag Team Championship match at Valentine's Day Massacre would be a Falls Count Anywhere match! Gene Jackson interrupted, saying it was time for Terry Batey to reveal his pick for the match with Dakota Outlaw! Terry Batey revealed that he had selected...The Southern Stud Waylon Rhodes!  Jackson and Outlaw seemed a bit shocked by this at first but after a brief sidebar, Jackson then said that He and Outlaw have been training like mad men lately and are BOTH in top physical condition.  Gene said not only will the Dakota Outlaw beat Rhodes at Valentine's Day Massacre, but he HIMSELF could be Rhodes in a wrestling and that he's laying out an open challenge for next week and he hopes that Waylon Rhodes shows up to accept.

Match #5: "Future Classic" Tyler Gage defeated Bobby "Butcher" Hayes in the last of three Pick Your Poison match-ups!
~ You could see that the champ's head isn't completely in the game as Hayes took it to Gage early. As Gage started to turn things around, referee Earl Davidson got squashed in the corner and Hayes took back over with a dirty low blow! Gage picked up the win with a small package and was promptly attacked by the #1 contender Brian Alexander! The attack backfired and just as Gage was about to put Alexander down with the Spinebuster for the second week in a row, the lights went down, back on and Brandon Collum was in the ring! Collum decimated Gage with a nasty DDT! The lights went down again and when they came back on, Collum was gone and Alexander tore the turnbuckle of the middle rope off and assaulted Gage with it! Can the champion get it together in time for Valentine's Day Massacre?

~ Mike Posey returns and will confront Kyle Matthews!

~ Frankie Valentine vs Daniel Alexander!

~ Ace Haven & Shawn Seagle in tag team action!

~ Gene Jackson wants a match?!?


Valentine's Day Massacre 4
February 10th


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